I stand in absolute awe at what Jesus Christ did at the Healing Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, last week! We saw Him reveal His boundless and unconditional love. Numerous people received grace, mercy and freedom through His full forgiveness of sins, some sins long hidden. And there was healing – spiritual, emotional, relational and physical.

Several came to the conference weighed down by sin and emotional pain and it was evidenced in their faces. Then, to see the changes in one’s countenance after they have had an intimate encounter with Jesus is an absolute thrill and blessing which is incomparable.

We experienced Jesus bring into the Kingdom of God one who was lost. To see that, I felt like I had experienced a small portion of the very love and joy of God when one of us leaves the kingdom of darkness and enters His kingdom of light. Observing the changes in the individual was a privilege. To hear that testimony of coming to faith brought smiles, tears and high-fives.

I believe we also experienced the beginning of physical healing in a couple of people. These people began to feel physical changes deep within their bodies. We pray for continued healing and the objective, verifiable evidence from doctors.

I love people experiencing the spiritual gifts as they are on prayer teams. They have heard teachings on words of knowledge and wisdom. When they actually experience them, step out in obedience by speaking the word/picture/vision and it connects to people and they see how Jesus uses that for healing, the Kingdom of God just comes alive!

While there was great need, Jesus Christ stepped into those situations and poured out his love and power. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Jeanne Kraak

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