On Sunday, September 15, 2013, ten students were part of the sixth class in 10 years who have graduated from our year long Advanced Course on healing and deliverance.

Over 100 students have successfully completed this course, coming from around the US (including Alaska) and as far away as Canada and the UK. It is labor intensive and graduation represents a huge accomplishment by the students.

Below is a picture of the group gathered our front of the house at the COC, after graduation.

2013 Advanced Healing Graduating Class

2013 Advanced Healing Graduating Class

The final weekend, graduation weekend, is always a highlight for me.

During this time the students present their projects and we have a chance to hear what they have learned over the year.

Projects vary greatly, from how to start a healing ministry in your church, to sharing how the Lord has healed them over the year.

This year’s graduating class was no different. Each student tried to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit throughout the year, even in shifting the focus of their projects.

One theme I heard from several was: “I started with Project A, but the Lord moved me in another direction and I ended up doing Project B.”

One student started with the idea of doing an evangelistic survey of her neighborhood, hoping to start a small discussion group where prayer and healing could happen. The survey did occur, but the discussion group never happened. Instead the Lord opened up the door to some incredible opportunities for teaching and practicing healing ministry with a large women’s group in her area.

For all the students, this was a year to learn about healing ministry, but it was also a time to experience Jesus’ deep healing work. They came through the year having been blessed by Jesus and better equipped to walk with Him as His disciple. Hear from one student, Debbie Price, how the Lord used this year in her life:

I wish we had video-taped the project presentations so you could see and hear them. I was so proud of the students, their hard work and what they had learned over the year.

It was a joy to celebrate these learnings with them and give them certificates of completion on Sunday.

I am also excited as I think about them returning to their church communities, better equipped to join with Jesus in His healing and deliverance work.

I have long had a vision of seeing men and women trained and commissioned for healing ministry in every church. It is so thrilling to see this vision coming true, starting here in the US, Canada and the UK.

Straight into ministry!

The students were invited to stay after graduation to participate in Healing Week at the COC.

It was an amazing time.

That this group participated greatly enhanced the week. Because they were already familiar with each other, the were able to provide the backbone for prayer teams ready to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ healing work.

The Prayer Teams and Rev. Cindy Strickler at the Community of the Cross during Healing Week

The Prayer Teams and Rev. Cindy Strickler at the Community of the Cross during Healing Week

Who Participates In A Course Like This?

This course is for clergy and lay people. In the earlier video you heard from a lay person with a passion for seeing people healed.

In the next video, hear from Rev. James Kearny how he grew from the course and his recommendation that other pastors apply:

What Does The Course Involve

This class is offered every other year in Black Mountain, North Carolina. This November it will be offered for the first time in the UK, under the direction of Katy Hill (a student who graduated in 2010), with the mentors trained and supervised by Vernon Payne (who graduated in 2005) and a team of leaders including Graham Hill and Pauline Eyles who were in the 2010 class with Katy.

The year begins with 6 days of intensive training, reviewing our core teaching on healing and deliverance. Afternoons are spent in small groups with a mentor, practicing what has been learned in the morning. This offers the students time both to receive and also to be on point for prayer ministry in order to grow in their gifts.

The students return to the home base (Black Mountain, NC or Northampton, UK) two more times during the year. The first time is for 5 days of training with specialized topics, which are drawn from the interests of the group. Topics have included issues such as: healing from sexual abuse, addiction, and homosexuality. Teachers are drawn from the Dunamis Fellowship International, men and women who have expertise to share on these topics and others.

Each student works with a mentor all year, who is gifted in healing and deliverance ministry. They determine their learning goals for the course during the first month and then plan out their reading schedule. They are required to read 10 books on healing and deliverance over the 12 month period. Reports are sent to the mentors on the readings and each student is required to develop a project in their local context that will give them a place to practice what they are learning. Their local congregations and communities are benefited, of course, as the students share what they are learning with them by offering ministry prayer.

To find out about the next Advanced Healing Class, visit the description page for the Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance


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