This is just a very short note to ask for your prayers for the next few weeks. We have some strategic events about to take place.

January 22-24, 2012: The PRMI Board Meeting

We have presented to the PRMI Board a full plan for “nurturing the trees that have been planted.” Now what does that mean? It means that in 2010-2011 we received clear guidance from the Holy Spirit as to how we were called to put in place the means to extend PRMI’s equipping ministry as expressed in the Dunamis Project all over the world.

The key aspect of this is launching the Dunamis Institute as the means of providing the teaching. We are really excited about this and you can get a glimpse of this on our new Dunamis Institute website,, which has just gone live!

Please pray for us and for the Board of Directors as we will be making key decisions for the future.

January 25,2012: A day of equipping for the newly called Dunamis Institute Faculty and Apprentice Teachers

They will be coming from around the world! On Thursday, Jan. 26 they will be formally commissioned at the Dunamis Fellowship International annual meeting. The 25th is an intensive equipping session so that they may be able to use the Internet tools that we have just put in place to enable us to offer teaching and also keep connected across the globe.

January 25-30, 2012: The Dunamis Fellowship International Meeting

This meeting is truly strategic for the Kingdom of God in that we are launching the new ministry container, the Dunamis institute. We will also be discerning how God is calling us to be a part of His great worldwide wave of the Holy Spirit advancing the Gospel.

We urgently need your prayer covering for this discernment event.

Most of all we need your prayers that Jesus Christ will pour out His Holy Spirit upon us and set us in motion, obediently following Him for this next year.

Also pray for the Black Mountain Team who will be presenting to the Board and providing support to the Dunamis Fellowship International

To help in your prayers for us, I have included our picture below. The spiritual warfare has been intense. We have experienced wave after wave leading up to these meetings.

Photo of PRMI Staff
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Top row (l. to r.) - Josh Modrzynski, Intern; Brad Long, Executive Director; Arthur Horton, Community of the CrossMaintenance Middle row - Gary Wybenga, Director, Fund and Partnership Development; Jeanne Kraak, Director, PRMI Support Services; Joe Schlosser, Coordinator, Cyberspace Development Front row - Mary Ellen Conners, Prayer Coordinator; Cindy Strickler, Director, Dunamis Fellowship International, Suzi Gibbs, Administrative Assistant; (Not pictured are Benjamin McEntire, Intern; Brewster Ward, Consultant for CoC Facility Development On the steps of the Community of the Cross in Western North Carolina, USA

You can see that we are a small team for such an international ministry! If anything is accomplished for the glory of Jesus Christ, then it is because of the grace and power of God. It is also because of you, the hundreds of volunteers scattered in 65 nations of the world, whom the Holy Spirit has called into this particular tributary of the river of God.

We especially thank and honor those members of the Dunamis Fellowship International and our regional DFI expressions – Dunamis Fellowship Alaska, Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland, and Dunamis Fellowship Canada.

There are many who share this vision of growing the Church and fulfilling the Great Commission and we are working together as partners in the Gospel.

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