Tom Willcox (center) and others at the recent Dunamis in South Korea

Tom Willcox (center) and others at the recent Dunamis in South Korea

During the first week of July,Tom Willcox was in South Korea teaching the Dunamis Project #4 on the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Tom is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Branson, MO., and serves as President of the PRMI Board of Directors.

There is a movement of the Holy Spirit taking place in South Korea that is being nurtured by the Dunamis Project. This is not only having impact on local congregations in South Korea but is also preparing leaders for missions in other parts of Asia. Korean Christians are often the vanguard of Christ’s mission in the world today. So we appreciate your prayer support and financial giving that is enabling this type of strategic outreach.

A Report from Tom Willcox

This was an exceptional Dunamis workshop. There were just over 100 participants and team members. The leadership team did a wonderful job. Everything was in place, on time and went smoothly as far as I could see. The registration seemed to go without a hitch and was well organized. The hospitality and book table were extremely well run. Ben (Torrey) and Pastor Ahn are superb leaders and Ben did a great job with his teaching.

Attendees at the Dunamis

Attendees at the Dunamis

The students were also impressive. As usual, the Korean pastors, pastor’s wives and church staff who make up the workshop participants were very focused on the teaching from the first session to the last. What took me by surprise was the energy the participants put into the lab sessions. They did some serious ministry, often right out of the manual. Folks experienced inner healing, deliverance and too many examples of God’s healing power at work to count.

On a personal note, I was wonderfully received by everyone, participants and leadership team alike. The hospitality extended by everyone was wonderful.

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