In the US, the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us and the PRMI Ministry Team wants to give thanks for YOU and the whole international PRMI Family.

Advancing the Kingdom of Christ

We are grateful for all that the Lord has done through the ministry of PRMI. We seek to help people learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in whatever ministry they have, so that Jesus Christ is exalted, the kingdom of God is advanced, and people can live out Acts 1:8.

50 Years of PRMI

As we approach the 50th anniversary of PRMI in 2016, we could express our gratitude for the thousands of people who have received Dunamis Project training, sent mission teams, donated financially to advance the ministry worldwide and for the Community the Cross. We’d fill a thousand emails to express our thanks for each one.

PRMI Staff Prayer Retreat

PRMI Staff at the Community of the Cross
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PRMI Staff at the Community of the Cross

In our PRMI staff prayer retreat in mid-November, we walked the land of the Community of the Cross.

The only way I can describe this is that there were concentric circles of thanksgiving starting with a specific memory at the Community of the Cross.

Precious Memories

• Standing on the front porch of the Log house remembering by name the many people who have shared meals and prayers there.

Grateful for Provision

• Standing on the prayer porch remembering those who gave financial gifts to build it, and those whose hands built it! Some of those precious saints are now giving thanks in the presence of Jesus Christ in heaven.

We remembered and celebrated church teams in the USA and families from Canada who all shared in building this place of prayer.

Grateful for Service

• Standing at Ascension Point, giving thanks for all the hundreds of people who have stood and prayed at the Community of the Cross: to dedicate the land, to pray at Dunamis ministry events, to plant flowers in the garden, to serve delicious meals at events, to step out into their ministry wherever they are called.

Praying into Vision

• Standing on the land set apart for the prayer house, and the teaching center. We gave thanks to God for the future provision that will build those places – the plans are ready for God’s Kairos moment of provision.

Grateful for an International, Extended Family

The particular memories all led to us embrace this truly international extended family that is sharing Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit to advance the Kingdom of God worldwide. You have been a part of this PRMI family.

Helping Christians Worldwide to Learn to Cooperate with the Holy Spirit

As Executive Director, I’m extremely grateful for your ongoing support for the global ministry of PRMI. As we head towards Christmas when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, we remember that there are still way too many Christians in the world that haven’t yet learned the joy of cooperating with the Holy Spirit in whatever ministry they have.

Expanding the Work of Prayer

We also give thanks to God for the Sheepfold Prayer house, currently being built. During our staff prayer retreat, the foundation for the house was laid, and just 2 weeks later, the roof is already on.

We thank God for the Osgood family who caught the vision of PRMI and gave so generously so that this house could be built to expand the work of prayer. We remain driven to fulfill the mission that God has given us.

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