Overcoming the limitations of space and time, this summer we had the PRMI Board meeting online! We are spread across the Mountain, Central, and Eastern Time zones of the USA and Canada and two additional locations in England. That is across 8 times zones! We were able to see each other over video, but some board members called in over the phone as they were traveling from place to place.

The PRMI ministry staff as well as PRMI Board President Tom Willcox, all gathered at the Community of the Cross (COC) for this meeting, so that at least we could be face to face. The photo below shows some of us packed into the office at the Community of the Crossviewing ourselves and five others on the big screen. We could have up to 25 people on the call but only 6 on the video at a time. At least we could see each other from time to time during the prayer and discussions.

PRMI Board Meeting at Community of the Cross via Go To Meeting

L. to R. Josh Modrzynski, Gary Wybenga, Brad Long and Tom Willcox. Not pictured are the rest of the PRMI Ministry staff, Cindy Strickler, Jeanne Kraak, Joe Schlosser, and Mary Ellen Conners.

All Board members were present with the exception of Steve Guerinck, the Vice President of the Board, who passed away this spring. He was greatly missed. We also added two new Board members, The Rev. Bill Gestal from Old Greenwich, CT, USA and David McKenna from Prince Edward Island, Canada. We bid farewell to Barb Ferrier who has served on the Board for 6 years, more than 4 of them as Board Secretary.

We started off the meeting on Monday night, Aug. 12 with major internet problems at the office, being disrupted because of the thunderstorms and incessant rain we have had here. These cleared up the next day, but these problems got us all off to a slow start.

Despite these and other difficulties, the Holy Spirit led this meeting. Reports were presented of the amazing ways that God has been at work over these last months through PRMI’s programs and ministries.

We are experiencing the Lord’s blessings in terms of fruitfulness in ministry. We also sought guidance for all the details of being an international ministry with hundreds of people involved and multiple programs. The Lord was so good to us, knitting us together across the time zones as a fellowship committed to following Jesus Christ.

Officers for the next year were elected at the conclusion of this meeting: Rev. Tom Willcox, President, Rev. Chris Walker, Vice President, Hilary Clark, Secretary and Chris James, Treasurer. Please pray for them as they provide oversight and leadership in this next year.

Thanks so much for your prayers for our Board meeting. The Lord blessed and led us in this work of discerning how the Holy Spirit is calling us to continue to move into the future of fulfilling the vision directions that Jesus has given us.

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