How do you move from a vision that God has planted in you to seeing that vision become real?

This is not just an academic question for Christians.

It is a practical, urgent question, because all of us who have been called to follow Jesus and been filled with the Holy Spirit have been equipped to accomplish some aspect of the Kingdom of God on earth.

One of the primary ways the Holy Spirit will manifest His power is by giving prophetic visions and dreams which are God’s invitations to us to work with Him in creating the future.

What happens after Pentecost is how those visions and dreams will take shape and move to fulfillment.

Prophetic Vision

Mary Ellen, our coordinator for prayer is a wonderful example of how this happens.

When I got back from a week of family vacation at the beach, Mary Ellen was very excited! She said, “Come and see the new prayer office!”

I went up to her office in the new building at the Community Of The Cross (COC) that serves as her office as well as the hub for our computer server and the phone system, internet and so forth.

She pointed at the wall with maps of the world.

“That is it! That is the beginning of the prayer center office! The Holy Spirit told me just to start! And so with the help of a friend, I cleared out that desk and we started! It is not much but we started!”

The following is a video clip of Mary Ellen Conners introducing the new PRMI Intercessory Prayer Office. The first step in building the Prayer House.

It is a beginning!

I asked her “Well how did this happen?”

She tells her story,

“A few weeks ago I was in England teaching at the Prayer Dunamis there.

I was sharing about how three years before He gave us the land, God told us to call a group together at the Pentecost 2000 event and just establish the Community of the Cross.

He did this even though there was no land available, no money, no people, and no open doors to start this place.

In obedience we just started and in a prayer time with lots of people looking on we founded the Community of the Cross.

After that we, in obedience, put in place the core aspects of the Community of the Cross vision which included the The WALK, and the Dunamis Fellowship International.

Later God actually did give the land, but the Community of the Cross had already started moving from vision to reality.”

“The Lord told me that He was calling me to do the same. I had been looking at lots of possibilities. There are so many here!

I was also expecting the Prayer House to be built soon. But the Holy Spirit said, ‘Start now. Use what you already have and with who you already have.’ So I started!!!”

This is not much but at least it is a beginning. It is the way God works, to start with small things like mustard seeds and then grow them for the Kingdom.

So the ”prayer office” is a “mustard seed” beginning of this work of intercession that we pray will grow to be ongoing at the Community of the Cross.

Is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about joining in this work?

Our intercessory prayer team will be centered at the Community Of The Cross, but can reach to where ever you may be. Pray for wisdom and direction about how the Holy Spirit would have us do this.

And one more point:

How many of you have already been given a vision for God’s work but do not know what to do next?

How many of you are waiting for everything to be perfectly in place before you can take the risk of starting?

How many of you have already prayed for the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit but are still effectively waiting in the upper room for something to happen?

It may be time to ask the Holy Spirit whether it is time just to start; to begin right where you are even through everything may be impossible. If the Holy Spirit is calling you just to begin then obey!! And trust Him for the power and the gifts needed to fulfill that vision of how you are to make a difference for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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