Mary Ellen (our prayer coordinator) looked so happy! I (Brad Long) asked what was going on.

She said, “Well we just had some of our first intercessors in residence here at the Community of the Cross!

“Who?” I asked.

It was Rod and Pat Pinder from Florida who were in the area and came by for a day to pray and walk on the land.

They came dressed for a day on the trails – the morning was cool, but it was a wonderful fall day with blazing colors.

“I spent some time praying with them and helping discern what they should pray for.

Although they are busy in the church Rod pastors, it was encouraging that as we talked about how they could pray for PRMI, I found that they have been keeping up on what we are doing and the new things that are happening. It was really great!

The Holy Spirit led us and I had the joy of not being so much a Prayer Director but more like a prayer friend joining with them in their own work of prayer.

It was delightful to talk and pray together. I think this Intercessors in Residence idea can really work!”

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