We praise God for a “faith seed gift” of $32,000 for developing the Dunamis Institute!

We praise God for His provision! Historically, for PRMI, the Lord uses people who catch the vision, before anything is visible, to give so that the vision may be fulfilled.

It happened again. A donor sent a “faith seed gift” of $32,000 to enable the first steps of putting together the fundamental structure of the Dunamis Institute. This includes enabling Josh Modrzynski, a student intern, to work on posting courses online. Josh has done similar work at Fuller Theology Seminary in the Doctor of Ministry Program. He brings his experience and expertise to assist in building the foundation of the Institute, which will enable Dunamis teaching worldwide.

Also, this gift helps us establish the Institute website. Lately, this has taken the nearly full time effort of Cindy, Jeanne, Joe and me (Brad). There is still a huge amount of work ahead and this gift will provide the resources to help pay for this work.

Please join us in praying in the financial resources required to further develop PRMI’s capacity to extend the teaching on the Holy Spirit around the world. Our vision and passion is to see the Church of Jesus Christ empowered to fulfill the Great Commission of getting the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

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