Friday morning, at the crack of dawn, I will begin my journey from Branson, MO to South Korea. I am not a morning person! Ugh.

After approximately 24 glorious hours of travel in expansive, economy class airline seats I will arrive in Pusan, South Korea.

I should say a word about who I am.

I am Tom Willcox. I love to learn about and experience my Father’s heart. I also love to help others to learn about and experience our Father’s heart. I am a pastor, serving the First Presbyterian Church of Branson, Missouri in the USA. At this writing, I am also the President of PRMI’s Board of Directors and a faculty member of the Dunamis Institute.

I’m also a husband, dad, son . . . all that vitally important stuff to me that is not really necessary at this point here.

The Lord has given me two lenses through which to view the experiences I will have and life as it happens all around me on this trip.

The first lens; to watch for instances of people, including myself, experiencing the Father’s heart.

The second lens; to watch for God at work, changing people’s lives.


At the church I serve,we have discovered that our Heavenly Father has called us to experience his heart and to help others experience his heart.

This may mean that I will discover a new understanding and experience of how much the Father loves me.

It may also mean that I will both understand and experience our Father’s love for someone else.

God might actually cause (allow) me to feel a measure of his love for someone else and perhaps even do something about it.

This Father’s Heart stuff is pretty amazing.

Experiencing the Father’s heart would be a huge change for some people who have had precious little opportunity to know what it is like to be loved with a divine and everlasting love. All change follows a similar and simple pattern.

A God inspired change involves moving from a familiar pattern, practice or orientation – through a period of dis-orientation and disruption – into a new pattern, practice or orientation of God’s choosing. Watching for this orientation – dis-orientation – new orientation process is the second lens I mentioned.

I know that blogging about this journey will be a blessing for me. My sincere hope and prayer is that reading and commenting on this blog will also bless your life.

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