Each year the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland gathers to share a time of fellowship, prayer, teaching and vision casting.

This year’s meeting focused on aspects that the Dunamis teaching often takes for granted.

Paul Stokes, as the director for the DFBI, introduced the theme of the weekend: Sanctification.

As the Dunamis Fellowship we should all know the four basic works of the Holy Spirit.

In the UK, they use the 4 points of a compass as a reminder of the 4 works:

  • Salvation (N for New Life);  
  • Sanctification, or becoming more like Christ (S); 
  • Empowerment (E);  
  • Koinonia: the fellowship built by the Holy Spirit (W for “We”).  

Dunamis teaching emphasizes the Holy Spirit’s work of empowerment but as a Fellowship we cannot ignore the other three.

So, for this meeting we focused on the Sanctification work of the Holy Spirit.

Paul also introduced to us Cindy Strickler (Director, PRMI) and Martin Boardman (Prayer Mobilizer, Dunamis Fellowship Canada) as representatives for the Dunamis Fellowship International. James and Nicola Nicholson blessed us by leading worship during the weekend.

Martin Boardman, Prayer Mobilizer

Space for God

Friday evening, Martin Boardman presided over communion, and James and Nicola sang and played over us.

This led us into a time of reverence and the presence of the Holy Spirit, while we took the bread and wine together.

During this time of worship, we received a word to allow space for God.

The need to make space and time for God was also discerned during Saturday morning prayers.

And even though the program was full and the time short (shorter at least then we wished for!), we did find time for God and for one another.

James and Nicola Nicholson leading worship

New members of the DFBI Leadership Team

During Friday night, we commissioned Ruth Sermon as a new member of the DFBI Leadership Team and we prayed as a fellowship for Jane Burgess who had come on the Leadership Team since the last Fellowship Meeting

Teaching Sessions

During the weekend, three teaching sessions were given.

  • On Saturday morning, Elizabeth Turnbull taught on the “Light of Christ” and challenged us to make a new commitment to receive Jesus’ light in our lives.
  • On Saturday, Funsho OIuro taught on “Being in Christ” and what our lives should look like when we receive Christ in our hearts.  
  • On Sunday morning, Hilary Clark took us through the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-26). 

Love as the first fruit is the foundation of all the other fruit mentioned. And Christ’s love for us and others helps us in joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Our Work as a Fellowship

Saturday afternoon we spent time praying through the DFBI initiatives and finances, and then the Global Dunamis Fellowship International initiatives.

We were blessed to commission Sheila Clegg as the track director for a future Nottingham-area track. We also prayed for establishment of the East Anglia track and for Jon Sermon as its director.

Commissioning Sheila Clegg as track director

Cindy presented us with the Global Dunamis Fellowship International initiatives.

It is noted that the mobile Dunamis materials are now also being developed in Russian and Spanish in addition to Chinese: this allows for the Dunamis teaching to reach places it normally would not have reached.

There is a proposal being considered to work with Noble Samuel to develop materials in Urdu and English.

Overall this has been a really good weekend: The Holy Spirit’s work was evident especially in the Fellowship being together (Koinonia), which is founded by us demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit, but also through his empowerment work through prophecies, worship and prayer (both corporate and for each other).

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