How can a small staff from an office in North Carolina continue to reach more people with the basic teaching on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit that has been entrusted to PRMI? Requests are beyond our ability to fulfill in person. PRMI Staff can only accomplish so much.

Mobilizing Leaders to Equip New Leaders

Likewise, how can a group of people who have stepped through the gateway into empowered ministry and matured in their ministry approach and style be mobilized to reach the corners of the earth where more Christian believers want to be equipped?

Equipping the Next Generation

As PRMI approaches its 50th year of equipping believers around the world for ministry roles, we need to EQUIP others to initiate new Dunamis Projects, lead tracks, teach at events, and lead the next generation into the empowering work of the Holy Spirit. Equip is one of the three main focal points of Kingdom Opportunity 2014-2016.

The Exousia Leadership Development Track of the Dunamis Institute is the tool PRMI will use to raise up new teachers, new leaders, and new intercessors for the work of expanding the reach of Dunamis.

Exousia in the Pacific Northwest

In August 2015, Dunamis Fellowship members from the Pacific Northwest held their first Exousia training event. Happily squeezing together into a small conference room at the beautiful grounds of the Warm Beach Conference Center, these future track directors, teachers, intercessors, and others plunged into the history of Dunamis, the principles of ministry, and other leadership topics. Exousia is a place where team discernment is modeled and discussed.

Helping Leaders Understand Dunamis DNA

Earl Rutledge, an apprentice teacher from Nicaragua who has helped Dunamis in Nicaragua for over 10 years, noted

“Exousia gave me an even better understanding of the Dunamis DNA and it helped me place the parts and pieces of Dunamis Project in their places with understanding of the why’s.”

This will help him work with the development of the Spanish Mobile Dunamis.

Space to Grow

Exousia also provides a safe space to grow as a teacher. Some participants gave 20 minute teaching blocks out of the Gateways Manual, then received a peer review and affirmation. Each faced the challenges of condensing the material to 20 minutes and finding creative ways to get those points across.

Encouraging Each Other

Terri Miller, an apprentice teacher from Alaska shared, “It was instructive in so many ways. The insights from others were good… my relationship with Christ was strengthened and I was encouraged as I stepped into something new. God is good. Always.”

Prayer for the Nations

One night in particular stands out. During worship one evening, we sensed the Lord leading us into prayer for the nations. The group moved out to the porch, faced the beautiful sunset and prayed for the nations all around the Pacific Rim. We seemed to experience the invitation of the Lord to step into the role of evangelistic intercession – asking God for the nations, for new believers, and for the equipping of the saints to advance the kingdom of God.

Sowing Seeds of Prayer

While we may not see the immediate results of our prayer that night, we did experience a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this gathering in the Pacific Northwest. As we left the worship that evening, we had a fresh sense of direction and guidance from the Lord about developing Dunamis conferences in the Pacific Northwest.

Opportunities to Experience Exousia

Joining exousia is by personal invitation by an event leader and/or the dean of Faculty of our Dunamis Institute.

To participate in the next Exousia course, you’ll need to get on the waiting list for the next open enrollment.  Speak with your event leader, or call the PRMI office to be put in touch with the dean of Faculty of the Dunamis Institute to discuss how you can get involved in the next Exousia course.

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