Exousia 2.0 – Online Preparation Work

The new course maximizes the opportunity for personal growth and preparation for leadership by combining preparatory assignments, online meetings, and an onsite component at the Community of the Cross.

Please note that together these form the whole Exousia 2.0 curriculum, and participation in all of them is integral to completing the Exousia program.

Preparation Videos for Part ONE

Watch these three videos before we meet on Tuesday 30th August 2022, 7:00 – 8:30pm (1h 20mins):

  1. The History of the Dunamis Project

2. The Vision and the Purpose of the Dunamis Project

3. Gateways in an Hour

Preparation Videos for Part TWO

Watch these three videos before we meet on Saturday 17th September 2022, 10:00am – 1:00pm:

  1. “Introduction to the Vision and Vision Initiatives of PRMI” (video pending)
  2. “Introduction to the Three Pillars” (video pending)

3. Summary of Pinnacle Sayings

Preparation for the in-person event at the Community of the Cross

All participants: watch these two videos (45 mins)

  1. Story of One

2. Why Leaders Need to Cast Vision

All participants:

Complete the exercise on ‘Call to Leadership’ (document will be supplied, and prayer work to be done, after 2nd online meeting. This will form the basis of some groupwork during the event at the Community of the Cross.

Teachers & Apprentice Teachers should also watch these three videos (53 mins) (others are welcome to do so):

  1. Holy Spirit Led Teaching

2. Making Dunamis Your Own

3. How to Become a Dunamis Institute Teacher

A document of “What must be known” will also be provided for Teachers and Apprentice Teachers as a reference in preparing talks for the Teaching workshop.

Part B – A week at the Community of the Cross

Monday 3rd (supper time) to Saturday 8th (lunch time) October 2022

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