Over the last several years we have seen a growth in depth as well as number of people whose lives are impacted by ministry at the Community of the Cross (CoC).

What is drawing so many people to this place of encounter with Jesus Christ?  Following are participant comments from a 2013 Dunamis Project at the Community of the Cross, which help describe the attraction.

A Presbyterian pastor, serving a congregation in the western United States, was getting ready to leave and said, “I love this place!  This is my spiritual home.  Each time I am here, I grow in cooperating with the Holy Spirit.”

A layperson, said, “You know it was amazing, when the lady got her car stuck on the rock and we had to help get it off, we discovered that the Holy Spirit was doing something deeper than just helping a sister get her car unstuck.  God was growing us in Christian community.  When we worshiped together, as well as cleaned up together, all in the name of Jesus Christ, we all grew in the gift of koinonia”

Another person said, “You know it was so exciting to grow not only in understanding the spiritual gifts, but actually experiencing them in the group and in myself.  Now I am so excited to go back to my church, to pray for my pastor, and to nurture prayer ministry.”

They want to encounter Jesus Christ!

Why do people keep coming to the Community of the Cross Dunamis and other equipping events?

At last week’s In the Spirit’s Power Dunamis Project we had 83 registrants and witnessed an amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit—which exalted Jesus Christ.

For those who know the Community of the Cross, you must be thinking that the facilities (building, parking lot, etc.) are too small for 83 people.  That’s true.

In addition, the Community of the Cross has no hospitality staff, but is totally dependent on wonderful volunteers who cook and engage Dunamis participants in food preparation and clean up.  The food is fantastic and so is the fellowship!

Participant discussion

Participant discussion

By now—10 years after founding the Community of the Cross—I had every expectation that we would have more facilities. We drew up the plans, but God had something else in mind.

Recently, He told me that for now we are to focus on building the worldwide ministry team, not buildings. He told me that at the right time He would provide more facilities and that in the meantime, unencumbered by major upkeep expense, we were to experience the work of the Holy Spirit in many locations around the world.

Several attendees pray for Cindy Strickler before she teaches

Several attendees pray for Cindy Strickler before she teaches

Personally, I am amazed!  I give thanks!

This is in answer to the prayer Jesus told me to pray years ago—that He would fill all of PRMI’s events and equipping programs with His presence.

The Community of the Cross exists and the events take place so that people may encounter Jesus, grow deeper in faith, love and abandon to following Him in the power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father.

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