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Advanced Course in Strategic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare —In Person Portion – Black Mountain, NC

September 1 - December 31

The Advanced Course in Strategic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare is a one-year course intended to equip intercessors and prayer warriors with a foundational understanding of strategic intercession along with the ability to use the strategies and tactics of spiritual warfare, as directed by the Holy Spirit, to overcome the strongholds of the enemy that seek to block the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Now, more than ever, prayer warriors must be equipped for the work of strategic level intercession and spiritual warfare.

The Need

As the world is on the verge of a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and what could be catastrophic demonic counterattacks blocking the move of God, Christians must be equipped for the work of strategic-level intercession and spiritual warfare.

This level of engagement moves beyond personal ministry—that of healing, deliverance, evangelism, and discipleship—to the more corporate level, which focuses on the global moves of the Holy Spirit and Satan’s counter moves seeking to block God’s redemptive plans.

Prayer is the vanguard of outpourings of the Holy Spirit that advance God’s Kingdom. This includes praying to remove those blockages to the Gospel that Satan has established through strongholds.

Biblical Models of Strategic Intercession

The Biblical model of this type of strategic intercession and spiritual warfare is seen in the prayers of Daniel. As Daniel engages in intercession, we find he is involved in the extraordinary dynamic of praying in the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecy. The fulfillment of this prophecy that the exiles would return to rebuild their devastated land and temple included God working through angels and Cyrus.

A New Testament example of strategic intercession and spiritual warfare can be found in Acts 4:23–31. Gospel advancement was met with human and demonic opposition through religious and political structures. Peter and John led the followers of Jesus in prayer, and God answered through an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, resulting in signs and wonders. In addition, the obstacles were removed, and the Gospel advanced.

Contemporary Examples of Strategic Intercession

Rees Howells, during World War II, is a recent example of this type of intercession. Rees led the intercessors at the Bible College of Wales in praying to remove the dictators—Adolph Hitler and Mussolini—through whom Satan was working to destroy the Jewish people and block the Gospel of Jesus Christ from going to the ends of the Earth.

This new Advanced Course in Strategic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare will equip intercessors and prayer warriors to deal with these corporate strongholds. This strategic intercession is crucial for advancing the Kingdom of God and fulfilling the Great Commission. As we begin to see the extraordinary fulfillment of biblical prophecies of the end times and look in expectation for the return of Jesus Christ in glory, there is a growing sense of urgency for the task of intercession for Kingdom advancement.

Primary Purpose of this Strategic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare Course

The primary purpose of this new course is to prepare a group of “Rees Howells-type” intercessory prayer warriors who can be the vanguard of praying in the Next Great Awakening in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. This includes defeating Satan’s plans to hinder, divert, or destroy these moves of God and fulfilling God the Father’s plans for world evangelization and the global advancement of the Kingdom of God.

In addition, this course will provide the prayer, fellowship, and communication networks needed by those called to participate in strategic intercession led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The Advanced Course in Strategic Intercession and Spiritual Warfare will equip intercessors and prayer warriors who are called to deal with these corporate strongholds. This course will provide participants with a foundational understanding of the work of strategic intercession.

Course Structure

This course will take place over two terms. There will be a combination of reading, online small groups led by mentors, using lessons consisting of videos and accompanying materials, and onsite events at the Community of the Cross in Black Mountain, NC.

Fall Term 2024 September – December

Part 1 Online

  • Facilitator-led online small groups 
  • Introduction and definitions of strategic intercession
  • The question of authority for engaging in strategic Intercession
  • The Role of Cohorts
  • Book Discussions

Part 2 In-Person

  • Onsite at the Community of the Cross: October 7-11, 2024. 
  • Stronghold formation and Battle Spaces
  • Strategies and tactics of Strategic Intercession in each battle space

Spring Term 2025 February – May

Part 3 Online

  • Facilitator-led online small groups 
  • Paradigms of God’s Sovereignty on Earth
  • Paradigms of how God works through intercession
  • Book discussions
  • Small group project

Part 4 In Person

  • Onsite at the Community of the Cross: May 27-31, 2025
  • Review of Teaching
  • Practical engagements led by the Holy Spirit
  • Small group projects

Course Content

The following areas will be covered by this course:

  • The terminology for strategic intercession and spiritual warfare
  • The believer’s authority for spiritual warfare
  • Six paradigms of God’s Sovereign activity
  • Prayer Cohorts, the vanguard of strategic intercession
  • Satan’s war and master plans
  • The strategies and tactics for strategic intercession and spiritual warfare

The Course Format

The foundational materials will be worked through in small groups led by mentors. The strategies and tactics will be taught at the onsite at the Community of the Cross. The program will last a year, with elements taking place online and in person at the Community of the Cross. In addition to the teaching and practical components, there will be books to read along with case studies to work through. The course aims to equip intercessors to understand, discern, and engage in strategic intercession, which will see Satan’s strongholds collapse and God’s Kingdom advance.

Prerequisites for the Course

  1. Have received a call from the Holy Spirit to participate or are exploring receiving a call into this arena of intercession.
  2. Providing a reference of someone who has affirmed your call to this area of ministry.
  3. Preferably to have participated in the PRMI Dunamis Project (#1,2,3,5).
  4. The Course Director, Martin Boardman, will consider applications from those who have not been through PRMI training and discern on a case-by-case basis whether the student has adequate, comparable training. He may recommend additional work to prepare for the course and bring the student up to speed on PRMI’s training and approach.

If you have questions about the course please contact Martin Boardman. (Martin Boardman – Prayer Mobilizer martin@mobilizingprayer.org)

Click here for the Application

Applications are due August 16, 2024. You will receive notification of your acceptance status end of August/September. If you are accepted you will be paired with your mentor and receive the materials to begin the course. Reference letters are also due on August 16th.

Cost of the Course

PRMI functions on a faith basis, so we do not charge tuition for the course. However, the actual cost of the course, its development, and making this course widely available will be covered by financial gifts received.   (In the UK, Canada, and the USA, these may receive a tax exception or gift aid when given through PRMI or the DFC or DFT). If we were to charge the actual cost of this intensive course, it would be at least $3,500  per person. But we believe the Lord wants all He calls to be able to afford to take part. So please give as you are able! Thanks! You may want to ask friends, family, or your church to help support you in taking the class (financially and through prayer).

Invite people to make donations towards the cost of running the course

Participation at the Onsite Event – will involve a teaching and meals at the Community of the Cross in NC. This is also on a faith basis. So, offerings will be taken to cover the onsite event’s cost, including the Mentors, teachers, and worship leaders coming in. Facilities at the COC are only available for the mentors and faculty, so participants will need to book their accommodations. There are several hotels in the area. Check out a list of lodging options we have assembled. You will also be responsible for your own transportation getting to the Community of the Cross. Lunch and dinner are offered as part of the event. We eat as a community and create the meals as a community. Workgroups of participants will create and serve meals. If you have strict dietary issues, we welcome you to bring your own meals for peace of mind. There is a fridge where personal items can be stored.

Dates for the in person portion of the course are October 7-11, 2024. You are expected to be at this event if participating in the course. 


PRMI’s Community of the Cross
3227 N Fork Left Fork,
Black Mountain, NC 28711 USA
(828) 669-7373


September 1
December 31
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Community of the Cross
3227 North Fork Left Fork
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