At the recent National Gathering of the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO) in Greenville, SC. PRMI hosted an informational reception at a local Italian restaurant.

More than 30 guests signed up for our mailing list and enjoyed delicious drinks and appetizers while learning about the ministry of PRMI.

Introducing PRMI to ECO Presbyterians

Susan Finck and Bill Gestal (Chairman of the PRMI Board of Directors) gave brief introductions to the ministries of PRMI. Rod Pinder invited guests to consider this spring’s Growing the Church conference at the Community of the Cross (CoC) in Black Mountain, NC (May 1-6) and headed up a book and brochure give away.

Bill Gestal and Susan Finck addressing the guests at the PRMI Reception for ECO Presbyterians

Bill Gestal and Susan Finck addressing the guests

Upward Challenge had been introduced (May 28-June 2 in Alaska and July 24-29 at the Community of the Cross), and Susan said a few words about With the Wind (July 19-22 at the Community of the Cross and August 2-6 in Alaska), PRMI’s Youth and Young Adult events.

Keith and Sarah Hill served as greeters and photographers.

An ad for the reception, which included a reference to our website, made it into the ECO conference program, potentially seen by all 1100 conference-goers.

Expanding the Tent and Partnership with ECO

As we consider the 2017 theme of “Expanding our Tent,” the ECO movement seems ripe for the equipping we offer. ECO is a rapidly-growing Presbyterian movement that exists to serve the local church and reclaim a sense of covenanted biblical community.

As stated on their website,, ECO has four primary priorities:

  • Lift up the centrality of the gospel.
  • Grow with an emerging generation of leaders.
  • Prioritize a wave of church innovation.
  • Create an atmosphere of relational accountability.

So many that we talked to had never heard of PRMI, and were quite interested in the practical, biblical equipping and teaching that PRMI, through the power and direction of the Holy Spirit, offers.

Guests at the PRMI reception for ECO Presbyterians fellowshipping and making connections

Guests at the reception making connections and enjoying rich fellowship

An Opportunity for PRMI to Minister at the ECO National Gathering

PRMI representatives also connected with the prayer team for the conference and were invited to join them for prayer ministry following one of the evening worship services.

It was a joy to serve alongside these new friends in Christ, and we look forward to developing a partnership with this new movement of Presbyterian churches. They like to call ECO a “movement” rather than a denomination.

The Next Step

No matter what denominational organization you belong to, PRMI can help you learn how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in prayer, evangelism, and healing.

To learn more about how Dunamis can help you learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit or to register for an event near you, follow the link below.

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