The Dunamis Fellowship recently sent a teaching team with the purpose of equipping reformed congregations for empowered witness to Jesus Christ in the world’s largest Muslim nation – Indonesia.

The international team consisted of Rev. Frank Drake, Hilary Clark, Rev. Frank and Sallie Kinney and Ernie Hofmeister.

Pastor Frank Drake Teaching
Frank Drake, Dunamis Fellowship Faculty for Dunamis in Indonesia, teaching local pastors at a Dunamis event

Frank Drake served as a Presbyterian Missionary in Indonesia, teaching at a seminary.

His former students are now among the leaders in the Indonesian Church who have opened their doors to PRMI’s teaching on the Holy Spirit, not just in this 850,000 member denomination but potentially in other denominations as well.

Part of the key to this has been Frank’s familiarity with the language and culture as well as his teaching from a biblical and Reformed foundation. The Indonesian pastors who are receiving the Dunamis ministry are remarkably eager for the empowering of the Holy Spirit!

Frank writes:

“Our September trip was exceptionally busy and extraordinarily fruitful. The Lord is truly good, and He obviously has some designs on GMIM, our Indonesian partner church. We were completely taken with the level and frequency of power He poured out on the pastors there, and on our team as well. In my experience it was unprecedented, and very encouraging and hopeful for the future.

Clearly GMIM (this is the acronym for the name of the Reformed denomination) is being challenged to deal with an abundance of demonic activity.

We found a number of pastors who needed deliverance due to ancestral involvement in the occult, the prevalence of the demonic in the society, and even its presence in their churches among members and leaders through occult activities or idol worship or consulting shamans for medical/spiritual ministry.

Up until now, GMIM has had no resources for preparing its pastors to do ministry in that kind of setting, and evidently insufficient awareness of what their pastors have to encounter.

At all three Dunamis Tracks, involving different groups of Indonesian pastors, we were intensely involved in deliverance ministry.

It seemed to be almost nonstop at times. It felt similar to those passages in the Gospels where Jesus is described in summary form as preaching the Kingdom of God, healing the sick, and casting out demons.

The US/UK team was fantastic in ministry empowered by the Holy Spirit. God used us greatly! We are humbled by that, and give Him the glory.

It is crucial that our next Dunamis there with the first track pastors (Spiritual Warfare and Kingdom Advancement, February 1-5) begin to prepare the church to protect its pastors.

Usually it is the youngest and least experienced pastors that get sent by the denominational leadership to those most difficult congregations. But problems of demonization are found everywhere in the church there.

During this trip, at the last Gateways Dunamis, where 355 pastors and elders were registered, a significant transition took place.

The Indonesian Church Leaders who had previously been through the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ Dunamis equipping asked the US/UK team to “please not come to the evening ministry times.”

They wanted to step out on their own in dependence on the Holy Spirit in healing and deliverance ministry.

The results were very gratifying to us! Many were healed and set free from demonic spirits as these pastors stepped up to do ministry in the Spirit’s power.

At this point, I couldn’t be more excited–but also more wary of what the darkness is up to.

All of us on the US/UK team were deeply impressed and deeply touched by the Indonesians’ hospitality, by the level of fruitfulness in the ministry there, by the amazing, miraculous things the Lord was doing. It was incredible.

We all had lumps in our throats as we prepared to leave.”

Frank Drake, Dunamis Fellowship Faculty for Dunamis in Indonesia

Attendees and Teaching Team at the Indonesian Dunamis Project
Some of the pastors (many of whom are women!) with part of the ministry team, L to R in the center of the front row: Sallie Kinney, The Rev. Frank Kinney, Ernie Hofmeister, and Hilary Clark

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