The empowering work of the Holy Spirit has been warmly and widely accepted by most of the Christian denominations in Nigeria.

The result is that signs and wonders are the norm and empowered preaching and evangelistic witness to Jesus Christ is seen as the mission of the Church.

James Gray, however, notes that the one major weakness of the Church in its witness is that it is fragmented, and there is a great lack of sanctification especially in terms of financial and moral integrity.

These are weak points in the Church’s armor.

James Gray received the guidance while in Nigeria that without in any way compromising the empowering work of the Holy Spirit, the next great move of the Holy Spirit will be on sanctification and koinonia among Christians.

This is the Holy Spirit’s plan so that the Church can expand its empowered witness to Muslims and throughout the rest of Africa.

A 9:12 min video clip by Brad Long and James Gray – Sharing the Big Vision of what the Holy Spirit is doing in Nigeria, Africa to Advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So to this end, we discerned at the leaders meeting of the Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland that we are called to build on ten years of Nigerian leaders coming to UK for Dunamis Equipping by launching a major initiative in Nigeria starting in October, 2010.

We have been led to name this: Unifying Spirit-filled Christians for Advancing the Kingdom of God: Mobilizing, Equipping and Deploying Holy Spirit-empowered African Leaders.

The purpose is twofold: To work for unity among Christians through mass crusade events for prayer and preparing for Kingdom Advancement.

We will also be launching the Nigerian Dunamis Track, which, while supported by us from UK, USA and Canada, will be led by the Nigerian pastors who have been through our Dunamis equipping.

We really need prayer for this event, as we are stepping into the vortex of the spiritual clash between God and Satan. We will also need considerable financial support, for while the Nigerians will do their share, we will need to raise the money for our airfares and may need to help with some of the logistics for the group.

We will also need a top-notch team that can join James, Funsho and I in going in October.

So if the Holy Spirit is giving you a heart for this part of Africa then please let me know.

In Christ
Brad Long

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