At the beginning of this year, Rev. Dr. Brad Long brought us inside his inspiring vision of PRMI’s part in getting ready for the Next Great Awakening. The articles in this Moving With The Spirit ministry update will shed light on some of the ways PRMI is participating in this fantastic move of the Spirit. We invite you to celebrate the awesome works of God as His Holy Spirit is being poured out in power to prepare us for furthering His Kingdom.

Our annual Dunamis Fellowship International meeting took place in Black Mountain, North Carolina, to kick off the new year. Our theme was “Walking with awe-filled joy in awful times” as the Covid-19 pandemic caused a great deal of suffering, discord, and loss for individuals near and far. PRMI came together and remained together, as we fixed our gaze upon the Lord. He is the origin of all healing, life, and hope.

This was a magnificent international, online, and on-site event that drew people from all over the world. We interacted with God’s Word found in Isaiah 35 through the many lenses of a Reformed, Charismatic Roman Catholic, and Messianic Jewish perspective. We became even more unified to celebrate and pray for growth in the ministry through the regional expressions of the Dunamis Fellowship International.

Read about the expansion of prayer groups in nearby churches, encounters with Jesus at the nearly finished PRMI Prayer House, and a new class of students who finished the year-long program called the Advanced Course for Healing and Deliverance.

Discover how the Next Great Awakening vision served as the inspiration for a brand-new online course and how we are empowering people to act as catalysts and spread the Holy Spirit revival fire. Rejoice with us as we celebrate Upward Challenge, where the rising generation was equipped with PRMI’s Dunamis teaching on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit. Explore prayer opportunities in PRMI both locally and globally, to grow in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

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The PRMI Prayer House at the Community of the Cross

Recently, a sister who has been a part of the ministry for many years had been praying in the chapel area and had the following experience:

I remember closing my eyes and for a few moments, I felt I was in heaven. I had a very distinct impression that Jesus was actually standing near me. I instinctually pulled my Dunamis prayer shawl I was holding, up over my head.

When it was my turn to be anointed, I dropped to my knees and instinctually placed two fingers to my lips. I wanted to speak, but no words could come out. My face and head felt very hot. Just then, something like a wind blew and pushed me over. I just lay still and wept quietly for joy. That is one reason why the PRMI Prayer House is very personal to me. It is, for me, a place where Jesus visited and stood close, and His Holy presence felt tangible. There are no words to describe it. Praise God!

A key strategic element in enabling the Community of the Cross to serve as a site of encounter with Jesus Christ is the PRMI Prayer House, dedicated to prayer, equipping, and sending. Even though the facility is still under construction, people are already praying and walking around the building while having profound encounters with Jesus.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone whose donations helped to construct this facility and are in awe of our Lord’s abundant provision. All of the interior work will be finished by the time you read this, and most of the exterior work will be finished. To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, the necessary road expansion, water line installation, and drainage systems must all be completed.

Pray with us for the final monies required so that the PRMI Prayer House can be finished in 2022. Visit our website at to donate to the PRMI Prayer House.

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The Advanced course on Healing and Deliverance Class of 2021-2022

The year-long Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance is one of the things I (Cindy Strickler) wish to celebrate. This year, two satellite groups, one from the United Kingdom and one from Edmonton, Canada, participated in the program for the first time. Although COVID made it difficult for us to meet in person, we managed to do so, and 27 students (several pictured below) successfully finished the course. We gathered at the Community of the Cross for their graduation from April 29th to May 2nd.

The Edmonton group was visiting the Community of the Cross for the first time, so it was wonderful to have the two groups together. Many students gave presentations of their projects. Hearing what they had discovered and how each person had developed over the course of the year was amazing.

Projects presented included: establishing a healing ministry and expanding the ministry in a neighborhood church; teaching Dunamis to a small group; and creating tools for prayer ministries, some of which were intended for use in the local jail system. These projects were very diverse, and everyone found the presentations to be inspiring and exciting.

This program has been under my direction since it began in 2003. Over the past 20 years, there have been a lot of mentors and teachers to whom I am grateful, and I am proud of all the students who have completed the course. Their ability to minister healing and deliverance is now improved. To find complete information about the Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance visit or contact to learn more!

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The Next Great Awakening

We believe the Holy Spirit is about to be revealed in outpourings throughout the world that could bring about revival and the Next Great Awakening. The Lord is asking us to pray for more of these outpourings as we sense revival has already begun in the body of Christ.

The Preparing for the Next Great Awakening in the Power of the Holy Spirit event in June gave attendees the tools they needed to engage with their contexts of life and ministry. We focused on the Goforth basics – the Word of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ – combined with the three RA Torrey keys of Evangelism, Baptism with the Holy Spirit, and Earnest Prayer and Intercession. These create the framework we needed to aid in preparing the altar, starting the fire, and maintaining the flames of revival.

Testimonies from all over church history showed us how God had previously moved in these waves of revival that inspired people from all over the world to cooperate with the Holy Spirit and be empowered to serve the Lord. We heard up-to-date testimonies from pastors and church leaders who are witnessing this revival right now.

Participants were given the chance to envision what this revival would look like in their own lives and in local communities. This vision was found through periods of Harp and Bowl-style worship and prayer.

We were led deeper into God’s true desire for revival. We prayed to the Lord asking for His Holy Spirit to move in our midst throughout our churches and in our nations.

One of the expectations we have is for the Lord to move more in healing through this move of God. We experienced this as the Lord moved us into a particular time of prayer for an individual. The Body of Christ will be seen bringing hope and healing to the nations according to the Scriptures.

We prayed for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit during a time of empowerment. As people met with the Lord, we observed that they were empowered to go out and be catalysts for revival and renewal within their local communities.

Awake My Soul

The Lord is moving and inviting us to respond as the body of Christ in corporate worship and intercession. This was the focus of the Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland’s Awake My Soul event. Participants in this four-part online course came from the United Kingdom, Africa, Canada, and the United States of America.

We learned how to work with the Holy Spirit and how, as empowered Christians, we might pray and work for revival in our own lives and churches via instruction and practice. The leadership team followed the Lord’s direction to include a prayer period for empowerment at the closing sessions. It was lovely to observe how the Holy Spirit impacted, blessed, and enabled people to share Jesus Christ with their communities even in an online context for teaching.

We made the decision to provide two more opportunities for participants to assemble to listen to the Holy Spirit and to pray and intercede for revival. This was the result of the Spirit’s powerful work in bringing people into a deeper feeling of community in our midst.

PRMI’s Prayer Opportunities

At a Dunamis event, it always excites me (Mary Ellen Conners) to see people’s eyes light up with a fresh perspective on prayer. What’s even more thrilling is when they apply what they learn to help others improve their prayer lives, like Helen Hey who directs teams for intercession and prayer ministry. She recently invited me to join her prayer ministry team for an evening. Their pastor and a few other church elders were among the new and seasoned prayer ministers we were equipping.

Many intercessors who have received training from PRMI have been sent to a variety of PRMI-hosted events as well as to their home churches and other ministry locations. We established a quarterly gathering this year for individuals in charge of (or considering in the future) managing strategic prayer groups. These intercessors come together from all around the world to discuss intercession and lead prayer groups and share experiences, difficulties, concerns, and solutions. They provided us with valuable input, which PRMI is using to develop further prayer courses and strategies for assisting intercessors and prayer group leaders.

Visit to fill out a brief survey and to get involved, if you are interested in developing your prayer life, leading prayer, or finding ways to grow prayer in your local church or prayer ministry in general through PRMI.

Upward Challenge: Global Edition 2022

Our theme for Upward Challenge this year was “Walkin’ In Step”. Youth from around the world were encouraged to consider the important question, “How can I live my life in step with the Spirit?” Over the years, we have been able to adapt an age-appropriate version of the Dunamis Project for Upward Challenge to introduce young people to the Holy Spirit. The purpose of these teachings is to encourage them to pursue a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and deepen their bond with God the Father.

Usually, this would be a week-long camp at the Community of the Cross but, due to pandemic constraints, the work was relocated online during the past three summers and spread throughout the world. We had leaders, intercessors, and students from five different nations and seven different time zones attend Upward Challenge 2022!

We then got some very positive responses from the participants. “God helped me see that the Holy Spirit is someone that I can talk to and spend time with,” a teen stated. Another said they had a “deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit as a person and a want to converse with Him more and develop my connection with Him!” The statement made by one of the OWLs (known at Upward Challenge as the Older, Wiser Leaders) said, “I love that young people are learning what I just learnt in my 60’s. For every one of us working to advance God’s Kingdom, this is wonderful news.”

Those in leadership (seen on the right) deserve a particular thank you for making this program possible so that the youth might discover what it means to walk in step with the Holy Spirit and grow in their relationship with Jesus!

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PRMI’s Ministry Team & PRMI Office Updates

As the ministry of PRMI continues to grow, so does our need for an expansion of our ministry team and a recent addition to the PRMI office. We welcome these gifted women who have stepped into new roles in 2022, each with their own story.

Join us in welcoming these gifted women to our team. We are excited to see how the Lord will use each one in ministry with PRMI, to advance the Kingdom of God.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

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What motivates a person to give to PRMI?

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As a sign of support for those who have been anointed to lead the ministry forwards, gifts of all sizes are welcome. Knowing that there are people out there who genuinely care about this mission and who faithfully support PRMI gives us the drive to keep going. Regardless of your personal motive or donation amount, we appreciate you contributing to this work.

By joining us in persistent, faith-filled prayer for the ministry and various events around the world, you can help PRMI make this equipping work possible

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