Here are some highlights from Ben Torrey’s report on the recent Dunamis Project #2 In the Spirit’s Power in Danyang, Korea. Speakers were Ben Torrey, Pastor Young Woon Ahn and Prof. Dong Soo Kim of Pyongtaek University.

Everything went very smoothly. We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our intercessor team consisted of four people under the good leadership of Mrs. Mi Hye Lee. They were especially invigorated, and we were all blessed, to have a new volunteer who actually replaced a young woman, Sophia, who had been very faithful in the past but just got married a couple months ago so could not come.

[Note: participants were largely from the conservative Koryo Presbyterian denomination (Koshin for short). The co-director of Korea Dunamis Network, Pastor Ahn, is from this denomination.]

Participants of the Dunamis Project in South Korea

Participants of the Dunamis Project in South Korea

The new intercessor is Pastor Kuk Hui Lee of Central Suyeong Church in Pusan (Koshin). Pastor Lee has been through most of the seminars. His church was founded in 1933, I believe, and is one of the founding churches of the denomination–a very well-regarded church within the denomination.

Pastor Kuk Hui Lee of Central Suyeong Church in Pusan (Koshin)

Pastor Kuk Hui interceding at the Dunamis Project in Danyang

On the last day, he shared with us about how the Holy Spirit has been working in his church as a result of the Dunamis Project. He recently conducted a special prayer seminar at this church that had a great impact. He has had his elders interceding for the services but, after his own experience at Danyang standing on the walls, he realizes that this is a very special and powerful way to intercede. He is going to position his elders around the sanctuary for the Sunday services on the walls.

He also told us that he has started a prayer time after his sermon at the main service (11:00 to noon) on Sunday to pray for healing and personal requests. As that time got longer and the service started to last until 12:10 or so, various people spoke to him about going over and how it impacted other important Sunday activities (lunch, other services, elders meetings, etc.) but he refused to shorten the time and limit the Holy Spirit. As the services passed 12:20, people stopped complaining and accepted. They now are usually almost 2 hours in length. He expects them to get even longer. “We can fast lunch!” Three hour services are probably not far off and if they get up to 4 or even 5 hours, “We can skip the Sunday afternoon service.” How’s that for a conservative and venerable Presbyterian Church?

Another highlight was a spontaneous time of prayer for missionaries. We had current missionaries to China, Russia and Japan come forward along with former Chinese-Korean missionaries to North Korea (now exiled to South Korea because of arrests and imprisonments in both North Korea and China but still in touch with members of the flock by cell-phone as well as ministering to some who are now in South Korea) as well as a YWAM missionary couple preparing to go to Cambodia. It was a good time of prayer for them all.

On the last night, we had everyone in their small group circles pray for each other to receive gifts then to exercise the gifts. They were free to end whenever they wanted. Some groups went to midnight. Lots of reports of blessings and the Holy Spirit at work. Our intercessor team faithfully stood on the walls throughout.

All in all, a very blessed time that I expect to continue bearing rich fruit. Please keep the coming workshops in your prayers as we rejoice together in what God has already done.

Yours, in Christ,
Ben Torrey
PRMI Representative to Korea and co-director of the Korean Dunamis Network

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