We have just completed the Dunamis Fellowship International Annual Meeting in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

This meeting was attended by about a hundred members from the USA, UK, and Canada.

We were especially blessed at this meeting to have a delegation from the Reformed Church in Indonesia.

The Rev. Frank Drake, a former missionary to Indonesia has been taking Dunamis teaching teams there for the last few years.

We now have three tracks of Dunamis going with hundreds of pastors in attendance. We had key leaders of this denomination be a part of the Dunamis Fellowship Meeting. We had amazing fellowship with these Christians.

“And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 2:6-7 NIV)

We were awed and humbled as they brought us reports of miracles that the Holy Spirit is working in their midst to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

They had been involved in healings, as well as casting out demons and praying for rain during a drought.

They thanked us over and over again for providing the Dunamis teaching that had helped them grow in cooperating with the Holy Spirit.

Four of this group will be going to a whole different area to start teaching the Gateways Course to other members of their Reformed Denomination. Dunamis has caught on and is nurturing fires of renewal from the leadership outward to the congregations.

Above are pictured key leaders of the denomination. They are serving congregations of thousands and are the heads of presbyteries with even more thousands of people.

Sixty percent of the pastors are women. They are all great men and women of God who are biblical, reformed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit for leadership.

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Frank Drake translating for Marcia, one of the pastors who is reporting on the miracles of healing and deliverance that were taking place in the presbyteries.

We had a time of praying for them to be anointed to continue the teaching.

There really does seem to be a move of God taking place equipping these Indonesian Christians to lead their congregations, to be a powerful witness to Jesus Christ to their Muslim neighbors.

There was one moment when the whole group was praying that I received the guidance that there was some point of weakness that Satan could exploit to block or confuse this move of the Holy Spirit.

I thought it was the Dutch missionaries.

But then I saw a vision of all these faithful Dutch missionaries who during the colonial era had sown the seeds of the Gospel.

I saw them with tears in their eyes, giving praise that the seeds they had sown had born such amazing fruit.

That led us into a time of celebration and thanksgiving, in English, Dutch and in Indonesian.

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Members of the PRMI Board of Directors and the Dunamis Fellowship, laying on hands and blessing the Indonesian team; they prayed for us as well.

But there was still something more there!

Suddenly one of the Canadians, who has a Dutch background, spoke with tears of how her father had been involved in suppressing the insurgency in Indonesia after the Second World War.

He had always carried terrible guilt about what had happened during that awful time.

And when he returned to Holland he returned to a nation that was ashamed of their solders. He snuck back to his village under cover of darkness.

The Indonesians were invited to pronounce forgiveness on Janet, her father and all those Dutch soldiers who had been involved.

This opened up an extraordinary time of representative repentance and restoration.

At that moment, Ray Vander Kooij received the word that there was a connection between the Dutch repression in Indonesia and the present growing strength of Islam in the Netherlands.

When this was spoken it seemed that something evil was aroused in the spiritual realm.

Satan’s ground in both Indonesia and the Netherlands for growing the stronghold of Islam had been exposed. There was a sudden shift and it was like a shaft of darkness struck Ray on one side.

It left only with prayers and commands by one of the Indonesian pastors in Indonesian.

Rich DeRuiter, also of Dutch decent, said that he had received guidance that the Dutch East India Company had stolen much from the people of Indonesia and he was being led, as a symbolic gesture, to empty out his wallet and hand the money he had back to the Indonesians.

The next morning he led in sharing this guidance and leading this symbolic action. Others joined him in this act.

We continued in times of confession and prayers. This was a special work that the nine from Indonesia had to engage in with all the Dunamis Fellowship members who had Dutch ancestry.

I know that this is strange work in the realm of the Spirit. And was it real? Does it make a difference?

Yes, from past experience we have seen how when the Holy Spirit leads us into such high level intercessory prayer in the heavenlies, it is preparation for God working on earth.

So we are very expectant and excited at what the Lord is going to be doing both in Indonesia as well as in Holland.

Our job is to keep praying and as the Holy Spirit leads us we need to obey.

This is a growing of our role of being seated with Jesus which means to share with Him in rule and authority that starts in heaven but then has impact on earth. (Ephesians 2:6-7 NIV)

An 11 min video clip by Dr. Brad Long, reporting on how we experienced this reality of moving in authority as we are seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenly places. The key to advancing the Kingdom of God on earth is learning how to work with Jesus in the heavenlies. While this may seem like a long video I urge you to watch it in it’s entirety because of the prophetic message it contains.

In Christ
Dr. Brad Long

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