I find it hard to believe that we are almost mid-way between our last Dunamis Fellowship International July 2019 Gathering in Black Mountain and our next Annual Fellowship Gathering in 2020!

A Fifth Regional Expression

As I think back to January and the excitement of a fifth Dunamis Fellowship International (DFI) Regional Expression coming into being, with Nick Krantz as its new leader, it seems like only a short while ago!

The official birthing of the Dunamis Fellowship Northwest US (DFNWUS) took place on June 8, when Cindy, as Director of the DFI, flew out to Seattle, WA.  Almost 100 people attended – from all over Washington State, Portland, OR and from British Columbia.

Rev. Nick Krantz (L) Rev. Cindy Strickler (M) and Rev. Tom Ross (R)

It is so encouraging to learn that the most recent Dunamis Track in the NW has grown from 45 to over 150 participants! I invite us all to pray for our brothers and sisters who are dedicated to taking our new region forward, that they may nurture and uphold one another and that this Regional Expression will grow and bear even more fruit.   

Dunamis Work in Europe

In January, the Dunamis work in Europe, started by Frank Drake, was transitioned from being under the DFI to being under the oversight and direction of the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland (DFBI). In May, as Track Director, I led a wonderful team comprised of members from the US, UK and two US missionaries based in Prague to Prague, Belarus and Estonia.  We return  in November to Estonia and Belarus. The DFBI leadership team is  praying about how the next phase will develop in Prague’s Czech speaking churches.

Dunamis Fellowship International July 2019 Update
L-R: Rev. Paul Stokes, Hilary Clark, Rev. Chris Haynes in Rome

There have also been visits to Rome in March and June, exploring ways of fostering relationships with different groups within the Catholic Church and beginning to explore ways to work together.  

News from the Fellowships

Dunamis Fellowship in Britain and Ireland: One Dunamis track has just completed, one just started and another one about to start soon.

Please pray for more people to be mobilized, in more locations so we can fulfill the vision of igniting the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Dunamis Fellowship Alaska: Judy Cook, Director sends blessings from Alaska.

The Prayer Mountain held earlier this year was an enriching experience and they anticipate a wonderful time at the Prayer Mountain to be held two weeks prior to the upcoming Dunamis Project 3 on Sept. 25-29, 2019.

Give thanks that our community in Alaska keeps growing.  Beginning April 2019, the Eagle River small home group relaunched with new leadership. This group meets weekly for prayer and worship and to see what the Lord wants to do. The group has been reporting exciting meetings as the presence of the Lord manifests. We give thanks for what God is doing. The DFAK also asks for prayer as key fellowship leaders have been experiencing intense spiritual warfare.

Dunamis Fellowship Korea: There have been a number of Dunamis Projects 1 and 2 running this year.

Ben Torrey, the Co – Director of DFK says the Taebaek team have just completed Gateways at a church in the next county and that local teams continue to reach out to churches in the area at the invitation of pastors who have participated in their central track.

An Ignite event was held in the Spring and a second  in early August.

Pray for these sparks to grow in Japan, it is a very challenging place to bring in the gospel and the pastors who attended our Ignite are hungry for the Holy Spirit. We hope a delegation will come from Japan to the DFI meeting in Jan. 2020.

Dunamis Fellowship Canada: A Dunamis Track is running in Edmonton.

There is interest in having Dunamis in about 4 other locations around Canada. There are so many leaders and teachers being raised up that the DFC requested that an Exousia (our spiritual leadership course) be offered in Edmonton.  This will happen in September and about 50 are registered to attend.

Please pray for the leaders of these tracks and for those in leadership for the DFC. The spiritual warfare encountered there this year has been intense.

Dunamis Fellowship International Leadership Team: The DFILT has been meeting on a monthly basis throughout the year. We have been listening to the Holy Spirit, praying, and discerning.  At present our focus is on the Annual Fellowship Meeting for 2020. As we ask the Lord for direction, He is beginning to show us what our theme and focus needs to be. I will  to share more with you shortly.

It would be wonderful if Chris Walker’s desire to see new Dunamis teams launch new tracks within a four hour drive of anybody – all over the UK as well as in the US, Canada, South and Central America and Korea – became a reality!   

Four Vision Initiatives

As you know, the Lord has given the ministry 4 Vision Initiatives:

  • Prayer –foundational to all we do.
  • Leadership Development – we want to see everyone empowered by the Holy Spirit and growing in their gifts.
  • Growing the Church  – we want to see the Church on fire, ignited by the Holy Spirit in order that the Great Commission can be fulfilled.
  • Mission Outreach – part of fulfilling the Great Commission is enabling the church to fulfill its mission to the world. It is impossible to be in love with Jesus and not love the world he came and died for.

You are the foundation; the people who populate these vision initiatives and make things happen so that Jesus is exalted and the Kingdom of God is advanced. Thank you for all that you do to make this possible. Thank you for your prayers and all you bring.

Save the Date

Please, if you haven’t already done so, save the date:

  • The DFI Annual Gathering: January 22 – 26, 2020
  • The Dedication of the Prayer House, Sat. Jan 25, 2020

You are invited to come and join  us. The Lord has great things in store, not just for the ministry but for each of us!

Advertisement for DFI Meeting 2020

You will hear updates from around the world, meet new members of the Fellowship and be part of launching the Chinese Dunamis Seminary -NY. Rev John Chang and members of the Seminary leadership team will join us and share the vision of this new work of God.

We will have the opportunity to pray for and support them as this vision becomes a reality.  You will not want to miss this!

We are very excited that on Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020 we will dedicate the new Prayer House. The House will not be completely finished by January, but enough for us to walk through and pray through.

We want to do this when the Fellowship and PRMI Board are gathered, so we have decided to go forward with the January date. You will also have a chance to see the rebuilt Log House, which will be finished in late September 2019.

For those who cannot travel to Black Mountain in January, we will be live streaming the meetings in Blue Ridge.

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