Would you give $50 for 50 Years?

For just a minute imagine your Christian walk without the power of the Holy Spirit.

You find organized theology decent and in order.  You know what you believe. Your scripturally-informed rational thinking has formed a clear lens that helps you biblically interpret the world. You pray and read Scriptures because that’s what Christians do. Yet, without the Holy Spirit, you are dry.

You lack something in your relationship with God. This is the experience of many Christians.

Maybe it was yours too: a Christian walk without the power of the Holy Spirit.

Discover the Power of the Holy Spirit

The Dunamis Project is one way you can encounter the Holy Spirit, discover his power, and deepen your daily walk with Christ.

You hear biblical teaching about how to be filled with the Spirit, how to cooperate with the Spirit, and how to experience and appropriately use spiritual gifts.

You learn solid biblical theology from the Reformed perspective, and you get to experience the reality of the Spirit.

This affects your relationship with Christ and takes it beyond an intellectual understanding to the experience of your heart.

Korea Growing the Church 2016

Pauline came to a Dunamis Project.

Her friends were experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit, and she had many questions. While there, Pauline experienced prayer ministry, and found herself growing in cooperation with the Holy Spirit.

In her words: “I’m hooked.”

She now enjoys the work of intercession in her church and for the ministry of PRMI.

Walter saw people operating in the gifts of the Spirit at his church.

“I didn’t know how that worked.  I dipped my toes in. The Dunamis teaching was consistent with my pastor’s.  It was biblically based and had an authority, integrity, and believability.  I realize now that in my mission context, I would be dead in the water if it wasn’t for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.”

Dunamis Gateways Matagalpa

Help advance the Dunamis Project

For the last 50 years, PRMI has helped believers discover how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit through a conference format: Spirit Alive, Ignite, and the Dunamis Project.

The Dunamis Project is currently available in five places in the US and two in Canada.

Projects run in the United Kingdom, Haiti, Nicaragua, South Korea and China.

New locations are being launched—inviting more people to encounter the Holy Spirit.

The Mobile Dunamis Project, delivered electronically, is being used in an unknown number of locations in China via flash drives and is in development for Spanish language as well.

50 for the next 50

2016 With The Wind, Black Mountain where young adults apply Dunamis teaching in daily life

2016 With The Wind, Black Mountain where young adults apply Dunamis teaching in daily life.

The Dunamis Project has touched your life and now we invite you to give so others can learn.  In celebration of our 50 years, we ask you to give a year-end gift of $50 (or some multiple of $50) to advance the Dunamis Project.  For example:

  • $50 would help one person to attend one day of a Dunamis Project.
  • $250 will cover one person for all five days of a Project.
  • $3,000 will cover one day of a new Dunamis project.
  • $15,000 will launch a Project in a new area.
  • $50,000 will enable us to put a Dunamis Unit into Spanish for events and on jump drives.

Some of you might choose to do a monthly Sustaining the Flame gift:

  • $50 a month will help 12 people attend one day of a Dunamis Project.
  • $100 a month will help 24 people attend one day of a Dunamis Project.

Your gift of whatever size will help someone

  • discover how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.
  • grow deeper in their walk with Christ
  • experience more of the Kingdom of God.
  • experience the wonder of cooperation with the Spirit.
PRMI seeks support for $50 for the next 50 years

How to give

Though you might never know whom you have helped this side of heaven, they will be grateful that you prepared their way by your financial gift.  To give, you may:

  1. Call the office: 828-669-7373 to make a gift over the phone, including stock gifts.
  2. Mail your check payable to PRMI to PRMI, Box 429, Black Mountain NC 28711
  3. Fill out the form below.  Choose the monthly option if you want to join Sustaining the Flame.

Thanks for supporting this ministry that God has used to bring Christians into the dynamic of cooperating with the Holy Spirit over the last 50 years. Your gifts help make possible the Dunamis Project which is truly strategic for advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

Fill out the form below to make your donation today! If you’d like to make this a recurring donation, check the box below “Make this donation every” and choose your preferred frequency. You can type an amount in the first box or select from a list of suggested values in the box below.




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