Sustaining the Flame

Sustaining the Flame is the automated monthly giving program to support the general operations of PRMI. The program started in 2011.

Being part of Sustaining the Flame is your way of participating in the advancement of God’s Kingdom through equipping others to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

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You can donate online easily and securely. Every donation is a gift to the ministry and will be used to advance the Kingdom of God across the nations.

These gifts given on a monthly basis are especially important in that they are the financial foundation for sustaining the ministry of PRMI.

We praise God for your decision to join Sustaining the Flame!

What does it mean to sustain?

When you lookup what the word “sustain” means in a dictionary, you’ll find some rich meaning there.

1. To keep in existence; maintain.

Our monthly givers keep us in existence!  They maintain a basic level of support that keeps us going in those months when we don’t have events.

2. To supply with necessities or nourishment; provide for.
Necessities include paper, computers, heat and electricity for the office, plane tickets, salary for staff… and the list goes on.

These “necessities” are simply material tools we use to enable the important spiritual work of the ministry.

3. To support from below; keep from falling or sinking; prop.

Each gift is a huge support to the work of this ministry.  We could not accomplish our mission of helping people cooperate with the Holy Spirit to advance the kingdom of God if your gifts were not part of it.

4. To support the spirits, vitality, or resolution of; encourage.

The ministry staff is grateful for monthly gifts.  Gifts of any size and amount are received as a sign of love and care for those who are called to lead this ministry forward.

Your monthly giving is a way encourage us to keep going, knowing that others support us and are passionate about this ministry.

To join by other means of giving, please call the office at (828) 669-7373  from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday.

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