Mobile Dunamis In Spanish

How the Mobile Dunamis started…

In 2012, the Lord gave PRMI’s Executive Director, Brad Long,  a vision for getting the Dunamis Project into Chinese.

This would be in a video format that could spread via jump drives (memory sticks, flash drive) or online. That gave birth to the Mobile Dunamis.

Now the next language group is Spanish.

Chris Walker, Dunamis Faculty for Mission to the Americas, is leading that initiative.

Here, Brad tells the story more in the video:

I (Chris) started taking Dunamis teaching to Nicaragua as an outgrowth of the Williamsburg Dunamis track. The reach of Dunamis into Latin America has captured my imagination and life since.

Since 2001, PRMI Latin American teams have shared various parts of Dunamis in:

  • Guatemala,
  • Nicaragua,
  • Dominican Republic, and
  • Bolivia.
  • and soon, Costa Rica

I have shared some of the Evangelism Dunamis with groups in Venezuela, Panama, and Costa Rica. In the process I’ve switched from teaching in English with a translator to teaching in Spanish.

We’ve hit a tipping point.

We are beyond our ability to send enough Spanish language teams to meet the demand. In the spring of 2013, I was in conversations with 5 groups in 5 countries, but all wanted Dunamis training on the same week. Another year, I had to cancel because a team wasn’t available.

Hear more from Chris in the video below:

Note: If you like to join us in equipping Chinese and/or Spanish-speaking Christians as they move out to fulfill the Great Commission click on the button below.

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