March began with the establishment of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea (DFK).

Although the actual event was only two days long, the days surrounding it showed some of the seeds already sown by the Holy Spirit there in South Korea.

Following are some of the reports from Brad Long, John Chang and Jidong Shan who traveled to South Korea for the event.

From Brad Long, the day after arriving in Pusan…

This is Sunday and it has been a full day of worship services in Pusan. We are at the large, several thousand member church pastored Rev. Ahn. (Pastor Young Woon Ahn is one of the leaders of the DFK.)

There are several services in Korean, with hundreds of people attending and a small Chinese group which has a Chinese service. John brought greetings and thanks to the Korean services and preached at the Chinese service.

Apparently a number of the Chinese are not yet Christians and John did a wonderful job of presenting the gospel and a number of people made confessions of faith. Praise God! God tremendously uses John in evangelism.

I preached at the 3 o’clock service with Josephine Choi translating. The Holy Spirit moved and Reverend Ahn read Scripture and there was a time of prayer for the empowering of the Holy Spirit to be able to witness to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit moved! About the time we were finishing, John Chang came to bring greetings and gave a wonderful report about the work of the Holy Spirit in the Chinese world. This led us into even more prayer. The Lord is really working! He is pulling Koreans, Chinese and Americans together in this great work of advancing the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

After a full day of preaching in Pusan, Brad and John, along with Josephine Choi and Jidong Shan, traveled to Danyang for the launch of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea.

Launching Dunamis Fellowship Korea

DFK commissioning team for work with the Chinese

DFK commissioning team for work with the Chinese

Before the establishment of the DFK, there was already an organized group, the Korean Dunamis Network, who were praying, visioning, and organizing Dunamis events.

They also made possible our first equipping for the Chinese Mobile Dunamis. As the Fellowship met, Brad Long shared:

“ We are now looking forward to having them in a full partnership in the Dunamis Fellowship International. Not only will we be working together to advance the equipping of Chinese leaders with the Korea Dunamis Project Equipping Base but we will be working to extend the gospel worldwide.

“The Dunamis Fellowship Korea will bring their zeal for Jesus Christ, their passion for prayer, and global vision to this Fellowship and I anticipate that together we will be even more effective for advancing the Kingdom of God.”

Brad Long, center, with Ben Torrey and Young Woon Ahn, part of the teaching team for the Danyang Gateways event

Brad Long, center, with Ben Torrey and Young Woon Ahn, part of the teaching team for the Danyang Gateways event

Brad remained in Danyang for the Gateways Dunamis which was held immediately after the DFK meeting. He commented:

“It was really good for me to be there and I greatly enjoyed getting to know the wonderful team that the Holy Spirit has raised up. From all that I could see the DNA of Dunamis has been well planted in the Korean team. Much of this is the work of Ben Torrey and Pastor Ahn as well as the excellent teachers who have been to Korea over these years.”

Continuing Partnership in Reaching China

John and Jidong went another direction. At the invitation of Dr John Lee, whom they met last November at the Korea Dunamis Project Equipping Base, they visited a Chinese Seminary in Korea. Hear John’s report:

“Just share with you now about our teachings at China Theological Seminary in Ahn City, nearby Seoul, Korea. The first two days were just O.K. The students had a lot of questions, because they did not experience such kind of teachings before, and the faculty in and out, but only one professor stayed with us through the whole teachings.

“By God’s grace, the last day Jidong and I started teaching at 6:30am, then, take a break for breakfast, then, continued teaching until 11:00am. By the end, the Holy Spirit poured down. After that, we did a debriefing. Everyone was very joyful. The whole seminary came out to take pictures with us. With a heart of appreciation, they expressed to us and sent us to Incheon Airport. The professor told me that, before our teaching, some Charismatic people went there to teach before and gave a lot of confusion. And he told me that this is the best teaching in terms of biblical foundation and keep the best balance in teaching and practicing. “

One final story from Brad, who has been having ongoing back pain.

“I have just got to tell one personal grandfather story that was a blessing to me and to the whole group.

Addie offering the gift of her bunny

Addie offering the gift of her bunny

“Before leaving for Korea I went and had lunch with my daughter Rebecca, her 4-year-old daughter Addie and 1-year-old Patrick. Rebecca told me that they have been praying for me and for the upcoming trip to Korea. At lunch Addie, asked, “Baba is your back going to be hurting in Korea?” I said yes. She then asked if I would be telling people about Jesus. I said yes! Then she said, “Wait. I want to give you something to help you feel better and to help you as you tell people about Jesus.” She then went to her bedroom and to my amazement she brought out her toy bunny rabbit! She has had several identical ones, all nearly loved to shreds like the “Velveteen Rabbit.” This one has the distinct odor of sour milk. She always has a bunny with her. She handed it to me and said, ”Here, this will help. And bunny will have a great adventure going to Korea.”“I knew this was an extraordinary gift from her heart to me. So I took the bunny with me.

“At one point I told the story at the founding meeting of the DFK. I told them that this was a gift from the heart from a four-year-old and that they needed to give similar precious gifts from their hearts to Jesus for building the Dunamis Fellowship Korea. Later, while teaching on the Trinity, Ben Torrey mentioned to great effect how Addie had given me the bunny as an expression of love and how this bedraggled looking bunny had become a symbol of love just reflecting the love of Jesus. “

Participation in God’s Work

Please pray for the members of the Dunamis Fellowship Korea as they join the rest of the Dunamis Fellowship International in living out our purpose “to mobilize, equip, and deploy Spirit-empowered witnesses for Jesus Christ.”

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