The purpose of the Dunamis Fellowship International (DFI) is to mobilize, equip, and deploy Holy Spirit-empowered witnesses. The task of implementing this work rests with our Regional Expressions. We currently have five: the Dunamis Fellowship Alaska, Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland, Dunamis Fellowship Canada, Dunamis Fellowship Korea, and Dunamis Fellowship North West US 

Over the past five years we have been sensing the need to form more regional expressions in the US. Right now everyone outside of the NW or Alaska is just part of the DFI and has no specific regional identity or autonomy.  

In early June, a small group met at the Community of the Cross to pray together and discern whether this is the time to create new regional expressions of the DFI in the US, specifically in the northeast, southeast, and middle part of the country (Iowa-Michigan). These are the three areas where we have the most people engaged in the work of the DFI.  

This Summit was by invitation and provided us a starting place to engage the process and see how the Lord would lead us. We met for three full days and experienced an incredible time of fellowship, discernment, and hearing from the Lord.  

Some of you were aware of this event and were praying for us, and we felt well covered for the weekend. Thank you! 

We want to give you all a brief report on our time together and bring you into our thinking so that you can support those who will be taking the next steps in this development process. 

Day One: Reflecting on Our Journey

We met over three days. The first day we spent getting to know each other and then hearing from Brad and me as we reviewed PRMI and DFI history, the formation of the existing Regional Expressions, and why those exist. We heard from the leaders of the two US expressions – Alaska (DFAK) and the Northwest (DFNWUS). These leaders were able to share something of their process in becoming Regional Expressions and how this has impacted and benefited ministry in their areas. This was inspiring and was so helpful to us in our thinking about the future and whether and where to establish new regional bodies. 

Day Two: Exploring New Regions

On day two we started to press into what regions might be formed next. We invited people from three areas of the US to this weekend – the Northeast, the Southeast, and the Middle (Michigan and Iowa/SD). There were 10 who were able to come, and they were joined by TIELT (Brad, Cindy, Paul and Martin), Victoria Geurink, Hilary Clark (Associate Director of the DFI), Pauline Eyles (Associate Director of the DFB&I and consultant for PRMI on structure issues), and Jule Ann Martin (lead intercessor who organized onsite and off-site intercession).   

As groups met, talked and prayed it was clear that the direction to form new regions was on track and that these were the right places to begin. We all agreed that boundaries of these areas are still a little fuzzy, but we would start with three. Over time we anticipate that these might divide into smaller units in order to cover the areas more helpfully. But to begin with, these were the people and places to start.   

The Lord made it clear that He had a plan – He gave a picture of a map, with three locations. He also made it clear that we are called to take one step at a time, in the right sequence, and that further steps would be revealed as we walked in obedience.   

Day Three: Discernment and Next Steps

On the third day we moved into looking at the Lord was calling each person present to participate, and at what core discernment teams could look like in order to get the process launched. Significant time was spent in prayer and conversation over all this, and the Lord clearly directed us to “first steps of obedience”. 

You will be hearing more in the future, as plans develop and become clearer. But this gives you a brief overview of our time. What is important for you to know right now is who has agreed to be on point in each area in order to facilitate conversation and discernment going forward. We are calling them “Interim Team Conveners”.

Introducing the Interim Team Conveners

South East
For the South EastChristina Porter has felt called to start the process, share the vision and invite others to join in discernment. Others who were present this weekend have offered to join and help – that includes Marcia Bronson and Missy Coddington. Victoria Geurink will play a role in working with this team, since the COC is part of this geographic area.   

North East
For the North EastDonna Ryan felt a clear call to lead as interim convener, and she will be joined by Joyce Barton as administrator and Don Brown as a networker/connector.  

For Michigan/Iowa/SD – we were led into some significant prayer for this region and about some of the blocks and challenges to organizing regionally. After prayer, the Lord led us to commission David Vanderleest as interim convener (and pastor) for the work, with Jaclyn Kerkstra as intercessor with a strong call to pray-in the Regional Expression. To begin, they will be praying with Carrie Roer and Tim Kauffman who were also present with us. We felt strongly that the prayer and unity of this team was to be the starting place for whatever the Lord has planned for the future.   

You will be hearing more from these three teams over the coming months. But for now, I wanted you to know who has been authorized to move this process forward.  

Stay Connected and Informed

If you have questions about the overall process, feel free to contact me or Hilary Clark ( If you have questions or discernment about your particular region, or if you feel called to join the discernment process, please contact the designated Interim Team Convener. 

Again, thank you so much for praying for us in this strategic development work! 

Cindy Strickler 
DFI Director 

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