What a blessing it was to be able to attend the fellowship Gathering this year; it was such a joyful occasion. And we had the largest attendance in person we have ever had! 

 The theme this year was from the book of Ephesians:  

“Being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit, bending low, reaching high.” 

We had precious times of worship led by David Pleuss, ably assisted by Tom and Brenda White. 

David also provided two hours of soaking worship on Saturday afternoon for those unable to go out to the Community of the Cross. This is the first time we offered this and was at David’s suggestion. Many people found it a very special time and it is something we need to incorporate in the future. 

There was great joy as we all worshipped together and our brothers and sisters in Korea appreciated having the lyrics in Korean and English on display. 

Friday Evening

Friday evening was led by the Dunamis Fellowship Korea (DFK). They shared their Fellowship news, hopes, and dreams, and we had a taste of worship and prayer “Korean style.” Worship was led by Pastor Soo Ho Kim the DFK Coordinator. 

For Koreans attending in person, we had simultaneous spoken translation through headsets for the first time throughout the whole event! Our thanks to the translators, who worked tirelessly to make it a success. 

Biblical Reflections

Biblical Reflections this year was from Ephesians 4:1-3, with a different focus each day. 

  • On Thursday Brian Harley (Dunamis Fellowship Britain & Ireland) spoke on Saying “No” to pride. Brian spoke about what bending low might mean and reminded us how easy it is to feel ‘proud’ about what we are doing; that it is as we bend low, that He lifts us because of our attitude. And reminded us that we all need to DUCK so people can see Jesus. Brian challenged us about how we can be Kingdom people, and how pride affects our relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ and the church down the road. 
  • On Friday MJ Quick (Dunamis Fellowship Alaska) spoke on Authority and Unity. How we are embraced in the arms of our Father and being called to lead a life worthy of our calling. MJ then challenged what our calling was. As Jesus continues His role of Prophet, Priest, and King through us His Church, and we are made one with Christ through the Holy Spirit we were challenged how that relates to unity, not conformity. And how like an orchestra – made up of different instruments it is only when they submit to the conductor can they produce something glorious that can’t be got any other way. 
  • On Saturday Ashley Patton (Dunamis Fellowship Canada) spoke on Pursuing Reconciliation. Ashley used the fact that snow removal was a big part of the lives of people in Canada. And had some awesome photographs to prove it! How the snow plows remind us they have a similar role as reconciliation between us– they make the way clear for us! As we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus he offers to come and be with us. He will shovel out the paths and change our hearts and minds as only He can do. We were challenged as to where the Holy Spirit might be prompting us to clear the road. 
  • On Sunday Becki Neuman did a wonderful job of pulling all the strands together during the Closing worship and Sacrament. 

Special thank you also goes to: 

  • Morning Prayer Leader Jule Ann Martin. And ministry multiplication took place with Danielle Taylor and Diane Lawniczek mentored to step in. 
  • Keven Heeres our Lead Intercessor and Jeannnie Visser his wing. 
  • To all on the personal prayer ministry team led by Kristine Rand 
  • Zoom Social Leads Jane Graff, Emily Claire de Luna, Nancy Henkes, and Lonnie Shields. 
  • The Tech team, led by Jeff Dudlets (and off-site support from James Nicholson) Nicola Nicholson, Graham Hill, Brynn Dudlets (also our photographer), and Andy Le Bo. This team was always the first in on a morning and the last to leave! There was a continued intentionality in the way we tried to integrate the online community and although lessons are still being learned, people appreciated being able to drop in and out as time zones permitted. 
  • The Walk team led by Sandy Doss and all those who helped. 
  • Another big thank you for the way on-site and online teams worked together with grace, commitment, and dedication. 

Three Pillars of PRMI

Throughout our time together Brad Long, our Executive Director, Cindy Strickler Director of DFI, and Paul Stokes Director of the Dunamis Institute (DI) spoke of strengthening the Three Pillars of PRMI: the Dunamis Institute, the Dunamis Fellowship International, and the Community of the Cross.

These pillars are like three sails on a ship, with each also needing a base that includes Administrative Support. 

Brad prayed for the vision of how to grow the Fellowship and how to take part in this wave of the Holy Spirit. We are at a strategic turning point and at the beginning of a Great Revival – the outpourings have begun and gaining momentum. at the beginning of each wave, there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and outpourings need containers. 

  • Our role, as a ministry, is called to create containers and venues for igniting outpourings of the Holy Spirit that may become the Next Great Awakening (NGA) through preparing the people and place (Phase 1: Preparing the altar). Spark the fire falling and igniting the outpouring (Phase 2: Igniting the fire) and Sustaining these new outpourings of the Holy Spirit by following up and advancing the Kingdom of God (Phase 3: Sustaining the flame). 
  • Cindy asked, Where is the boat going? Do we have all the parts? What about the water under the boat? It’s not all about the sails. How do we cooperate with the Holy Spirit? We have seen the manifest presence of Jesus at our events this year. We need to be ready to welcome Him. We have seen a deepening of the community. Ministry multiplication is exciting, and the way ministry can go forward. 
  • The building blocks for equipping people, the equipping arm is the DI. Paul spoke of how this is the way we produce and maintain resources that are part of our remit, resourcing, and equipping people and materials. Its purpose is to call, equip, and resource anointed teachers and leaders in the DFI. To preserve and build upon the foundational legacy of teaching people about the work of the Holy Spirit.  How do we go from “coping” to “flourishing?” the resources help us to shift, seeing a growing team of Teachers and Apprentice Teachers, online courses are growing and expanding, and we want a team of co-workers to enable the DI to better serve the bottlenecks on teachers. He identified four concrete needs: a new Dean of Faculty, a new Academic Dean, a Developer of Online Courses and Resources, and Operational Support. 

Additional Highlights from the DFI

Other highlights included: 

  • The Walk of Encounter with Jesus Christ: And surely I am with you always to the ends of the age.” Matt 28:20b The Walk was set up at the Blue Ridge and was a place of peace and restoration. 
  • John Chang (past PRMI Board President) speaking about Grace Dunamis Seminary and work in the Chinese-speaking world. John also spoke about missionaries like Robert Morrison who led the first mission to China. After 14 years there was no fruit! He died after spending 27 years there and had baptized 10 people. But he translated the Old Testament and New Testament into Chinese and 150 years later there are many millions of Christians in China.  
  • Gospel Tool (Dave Westra and Gina Dick: creating a culture of discipleship in the local church) 
  • Romans 911 project (Grant Berry: melting away the divisions in the Body – restoration, reconnection, and realignment)  
  • Hearing from Victoria Geurink Director of Upward Challenge about the first face-to-face since the lockdown. Please pray for these young people both team and participants. There is an ever-growing need to hear the Gospel and there is no longer a biblical foundation that once could be taken for granted. As they pray and discern what is needed for the regions let us lift them up in prayer. 
  •  Getting to hear from our Mission Partners Matt Ferguson, Fr Greg Gresko, Chris Haynes, Erin and Pierce Johnson. 
  • The Hospitality Room. Everyone had a wonderful time of fellowship and snacking each evening.  
  • The afternoon break-out meetings were staggered to enable people to be able to attend all if they wished, instead of being torn as in the past! 

My grateful thanks to all who attended and made each part of this event to be packed with blessings, insights, revelation, and a growing experience. The DFI Leadership Team has already met to process your feedback and to reflect and respond to what we have learned and how we can, with the Lord’s help, be better prepared for 2025! (January 22 -26, 2025 at Blue Ridge). Please pray for us.  

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