Creative Arts Initiative

The Vision of the Creative Arts Initiative

The Vision of the Creative Arts Initiative is,

To exalt Jesus Christ and serve the ministry of PRMI through the creative arts, inspired and led by the Holy Spirit, for the glory of God the Father.

 The Purpose of the Creative Arts Initiative is,

  • To create a global network/forum for creatives to find fellowship, network, collaborate and find a place to belong.
  • To commission and champion the creation of art to support the ministry of PRMI.
  • To equip and resource PRMI leadership teams and volunteers through the creative arts.
  • To be an entry point to the ministry and teachings of PRMI and this stream of the Holy Spirit.

We now find ourselves in an exciting position of beginning to implement this vision and to connect with as many of you as possible!

Our Leader

James Nicholson

One of the things that makes this ministry so powerful is its purpose. This is not merely a side project for creatives to be a part of. “This is not art for arts sake, this is art for OUR (PRMI’s) sake.” This ministry provides another meaningful way that those who are gifted and moving in the creative arts, to serve PRMI and to help build the kingdom of God here on earth!

Creative Arts Prayer Contingent

PRMI is committed to raising an army of intercessors all across the globe. Here Martin Boardman explains how you can get involved in intercession for the Creative Arts Initiative.

Introducing Creative Arts

Our Blog

I hope that you are as excited as we are about launching this new ministry area. Check out our latest blog post for further information!

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