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Before we meet in person, there is some prework required of you. We ask that you read one book, watch three videos and attend two video calls online.

For over 30 years now Dunamis has taught on Healing and Deliverance. Many of our Dunamis family can give testimonies of how this has released them to live their lives to the full as Jesus intended.

The Intermediate Course on Healing and Deliverance (ICHD)  is currently in a prototype module. Our hope is to run this course which is more than just the teaching included in Dunamis Project #4 and Dunamis Project #5 but is less arduous and more do-able for participants than the Advanced Course on Healing and Deliverance.

PRMI’s goal in this is to encourage many more people to explore the joy and experience of learning to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to bring the healing love, peace, and deliverance of Jesus to others.

At this event, you will find

  • Systematic Teaching from experienced Biblically sound teachers and healing practitioners on inner healing and deliverance; 
  • Small Group Work under the guidance of experienced mentors where the healing process is modelled, and you also get the opportunity to take part both as trainee practitioners and as the person being prayed for;
  • Worship and Prayer so that everything is clearly focused on Jesus;
  • Fellowship and Networking over coffee and meals.

Our teaching sessions will address topics such as

  • Why is there so much pain and sorrow in the world, and how can we address this?
  • How Jesus ministered healing – what can we learn from the accounts in the Bible?
  • The importance of working in teams and good self-care for practitioners. 
  • How the Holy Spirit leads and guides us to use the spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12 to bring about effective healing. 
  • How does deep wounding occur, and why can the pain get buried in our subconscious?
  • A systematic look at ministering to that pain in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Is Deliverance ministry really necessary? Surely demonic oppression doesn’t happen in our culture today? Can Christians be oppressed by demons?
  • What to do if we suspect demonic oppression?
  • Staying free after your healing.

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