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Whether your burden is to pray for your family, or your church or even a specific ministry of your church, understanding how to discern God’s intentions and how human sin and Satan can interfere are all important.   

Applying the principles from the online Foundations for Kingdom Intercession course will give you a greater understanding of how the kingdom of God is being advanced. 

You will get the prayer tools needed to see that happen. These tools can be applied on an international level as well as within a church or family. 

The Foundations for Kingdom Intercession course builds upon Dunamis 3, The Power of Prayer, as it develops and equips you for Spirit-led kingdom intercession. 

Course Details

The course will run for six consecutive weeks from Wednesday June 26 to Wednesday July 31.

Pick one of two weekly call in times:

  • Wednesday Morning at 11:00 am Eastern (COC time)
  • Wednesday Evening at 7:00 pm Eastern (COC time)

Classes will run between 60 and 90 minutes

Can’t make a call?

We recognize that not everyone will be able to make all of these class times. You are welcome to view the videos. Recordings of the class times will be made available.

You do not have to pick and stick to a specific time slot for the course but can choose which (or both) time works best for you on a week to week basis.

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