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Intercessory prayer is the primary power tool in the Kingdom of God.

God, in His sovereign grace, has chosen to build and advance His Kingdom rule through Divine-human cooperation.

As you understand this dynamic, you will see how you have a vital role to play in building the Kingdom of God through intercession.

In Foundations for Kingdom Intercession, you will explore how to be equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to join with Jesus in prayer for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

In this course you will learn:

  1. How to respond when the Lord calls you into intercession?
  2. How to understand and discern your place of intercession?
  3. How to prepare for spiritual battle and the work of intercession?
  4. Seven principles of prayer that shapes the future.
  5. How the enemy seeks to block Kingdom advancement through strongholds?
  6. How strongholds form?
  7. Strategies and tactics for dealing with strongholds.

Whether your burden is to pray for your family, or your church or even a specific ministry of your church, understanding how to discern God’s intentions and how human sin and Satan can interfere are all important.   

Applying the principles from the online Foundations for Kingdom Intercession course will give you a greater understanding of how the Kingdom of God is being advanced. 

You will get the prayer tools needed to see that happen. These tools can be applied on an international level as well as within a church or family. 

The Foundations for Kingdom Intercession course builds upon Dunamis 3, The Power of Prayer, as it develops and equips you for Spirit-led Kingdom intercession.

The Foundations course is a great way to grow in understanding the work and practice of intercession.  

It explores the basics of prayer that shapes the future and advances the Kingdom of God. It also introduces the concept of spiritual warfare. 

These prayer principles can be applied to praying for your family, your church, your local community or your nation. 

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