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Once people begin to move forward in intercessory prayer, there are often questions that arise, such as

  • “There are so many needs, how do I know which I should pray about?”
  • “How do I know I am praying God’s will in a situation”
  • “How does the Holy Spirit guide us in prayer?”

The purpose of this course is to address some of these questions, and also to provide a place to connect with other people who are asking new questions and having new experiences as they grow in prayer.

In this course we will cover:

  • How does God call us into intercession?
  • How we can listen and hear from God
  • How to pray in response to God’s guidance
  • Discerning new experiences in prayer
  • Worship and intercession
  • How Jesus and the Holy Spirit help us to intercede
  • Dealing with spiritual warfare in intercession
  • Praying in a group
  • Relating to ministry leaders as an intercessor

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