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Exousia is the leadership training program that PRMI uses to raise up new teachers, new leaders, and new intercessors for the work of helping more people discover the power of the Holy Spirit in their walk with the Lord in their own ministry.

Exousia is where we equip our faculty, apprentice teachers, track directors and event team members.

Exousia is where you will get the DNA of PRMI.

As our ministry style has developed over years and our way of doing things has grown, future volunteers need to understand the DNA and history of PRMI to effectively be ambassadors of PRMI wherever they go and minister.

Exousia will give you space to grow in your PRMI leadership skills.

Taking the Course

After you are enrolled, click on the lessons (or the expand note) and then explore the topics underneath.

Download the complete 2019 Exousia Manual that you'll receive when attending in person.

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