When I last wrote, I shared about the demolition work at the Community of the Cross and talked about “the time to tear down.”

Well, we are finally moving on to “a time to build up.”

A team began work on framing the Log House.

This will include getting new roofing and the frame to replace the floors and walls that burned in the back of the house.

Meanwhile, the trucks and heavy equipment have arrived to start putting in the erosion control and septic and drainage systems needed at the Prayer House site.

The very first pieces of the French Drain arrived. They will be installed to redirect the natural springs at the Prayer House Site that appeared when some of the boulders were removed.

Photos of this week

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How you can pray

Thank you for your prayers. Pray for good weather so they can move along with both projects.

They can work in the cold, but snow or rain make the work very difficult.

Pray also for the additional funds needed for both projects.

We are so grateful for all the incredible gifts that have come in over the past 2 years. It is miraculous how the Lord has supplied through you. We still need to pray in $500,000 for the Prayer House.

Given the expansion and improvements planned for the Log House we estimate we need $100,000 more than the insurance has given us.

Donate to the construction of the Community of the Cross.
Give a gift to rebuild the Log House
or Advance the Prayer House

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