It has been super busy and exciting watching construction the past few weeks. The PRMI Prayer House is taking shape and the PRMI Log House construction is close to finished.

Might you be able to join us in January 2020 for the dedications (details below)?

When I was in Edmonton, Canada for Exousia September 2019, I was presented with a new hat to go with my responsibilities with these projects.

Cindy Strickler shows off her new construction supervisor attire
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Cindy Strickler shows off her new construction supervisor attire

Thanks Russ Graff, VP of the Dunamis Fellowship Canada for the gear.

The Prayer House

The Prayer House foundation has been laid, floors put in and the walls are going up.

You can see from the pictures that the building is taking shape and you can picture the rooms and spaces coming to life.

The Log House

Meanwhile, the Log House is almost ready for use. Our contractor has been working hard to get things completed, but some things have just taken longer to get installed. This has delayed the completion date. 

The kitchen is twice the size of what we had with two stoves, two microwaves and two dishwashers. We pray that people we will raised up to prepare meals for our events and that they will love working in this bright space.

Dedications and Praying them in

On January 25, 2020 during the Dunamis Fellowship International Meeting, we will dedicate these buildings.

We know the Prayer House won’t be finished by this time, but as you can see from the pictures, the building will be framed in and we will be able to walk through and get a good feel for the prayer spaces.

After we dedicate the new Prayer House, we will then walk over and re-dedicate the new Log House.

We are excited for people to see this new space. It is beautiful and gives us much more usable teaching space. We will have 3 bedrooms for teachers and guests during events.

Details on Dedication

We are excited about the number of people who are planning to come to Black Mountain to join the dedication.

If you want more information about the timing or housing for the event, contact the office. There are rooms reserved at Blue Ridge Assembly just for the weekend, but you’ll need to coordinate with the office.

Join us in prayer for both construction projects:

  • Pray for the safe completion of the Log House in the next 3 weeks and that we receive our certificate of occupancy with no problems.
  • Pray for us as we make final decisions and move furniture back into the house and set up the kitchen, bedrooms and teaching room.
  • Pray for the funding needed to furnish the Log House and prepare it for future use
  • Pray for the work on the Prayer House and the $500,000 more needed to complete that project.
  • Pray that the Prayer House will be completed in time for our summer events in 2020.

Thank you for being in this exciting journey with us. I look forward to seeing many of you in January at the dedication service. For those who cannot come them, please come see us soon so you can walk and pray through these new spaces!

With gratitude to Jesus for the many hands that have been involved in these building projects and for those who have given sacrificially to see these two buildings built.

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