One year ago, a fire burned PRMI’s Log House at the Community of the Cross, the center point of the international ministry and the home of the Dunamis Fellowship International.

Here at the close of August 2019, we’ve turned a huge corner from grieving the past, to looking forward to the future.

The Log House

Framing of the Log House was completed in July 2019

From the ashes that were in this spot 1 year ago, a new center of ministry is rising from the ground.

  • Expanded meeting room with taller ceilings
  • Two additional guest rooms
  • An expanded kitchen
  • A new roof.

Thanks to the generosity of many people during the month of July in response to the matching gift challenge, the Log House fund has received almost $160,000 since January 1.

The new meeting room with the much higher ceilings

The day is coming (aiming for October 31 2019 now) when the Log House will once again host people, teaching and prayer events, and be a place of encounter with Jesus Christ.

This month are final decisions on lighting, flooring materials, appliances and cabinets, paint and trim.

Continue to follow the weekly progress on social media, via Facebook and Instagram. Our pattern is an update every Friday.

Log House Photo Album through August 29

The Prayer House

The foundation walls for the Prayer House have been poured. Soon, the floor joists, floors, and walls will start going up.

The expected target completion time at the current moment will be Spring of 2020.

We still plan to have a dedication on Saturday, January 25, 2020 (during the Dunamis Fellowship International Meeting).

Prayer House Photo Album through August 29, 2019

The Board of Directors Visit and Prayer

At the August 2019 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board and staff took a few hours to walk the property and pray at the the three construction sites currently happening at the Community of the Cross.

Board Members Jay Knoblock and Janet Yusi shared a hope filled observation as they prayed:

You can really imagine the people coming to this place and receiving ministry. As we stand here, we can imagine the ministry that will happen.

Some of those coming here will remember the “what was” and how “it used to be.” But pretty soon, this place will be filled with people coming to the Community of the Cross for the first time, where the front gates, the Log House, and the new Prayer House will all be their reference point.

There is a tremendous sense of expectation of what God will do among the people who come to the Community of the Cross.

Gallery of PRMI Board of Directors Site Visit

Give to continue the work

To give to the Log House Project to help with any further surprise items or additional projects that might be added:

To give to the Prayer House project to finish meeting the budget and any further additional projects:

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