Brad Long shares an important milestone that happened early June 2019 regarding the building of the Prayer House at the Community of the Cross.

To be clear, this milestone is one of many that have moved this project forward since the groundbreaking for the Prayer House in September 2018.

What excites us the most now

Most of the underground infrastructure work is done related to

  • fire truck turn-around
  • retaining walls
  • underground storm water management, and
  • french drains to de-water the site.

This milestone now starts the process of pouring the foundation until the keys are in hand with the unfurnished building.

Join us in Prayer

Friends, we call you to pray in the rest of the provision needed for the Prayer House.

Would you join in the upcoming 2 day prayer campaign for provision?

We invite members of the Dunamis Fellowship International with others from the PRMI family to gather online six times for 1 hour to specifically pray for provision, not only for the Prayer House, but for the Log House rebuilding, plus the general fund of PRMI.

The Numbers as of June 2019

Due to the relocation of the prayer house from the original site, we’ve had to incur costs related to designing a new building, infrastructure related to the location, plus surprises with underground water and natural springs on the land.

Site cleared for the Prayer House, surveyed for foundation and footers
Site cleared for the Prayer House, surveyed for foundation and footers

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