Construction is in full swing, with heavy machinery, earth moving equipment and the bam, bam, bam of construction noises.

Since the last update on Construction on at the Community of the Cross, here are some new photos and news. Keep praying for the progress as it unfolds and the provision we need to finish.

Milestones since the last report

  • A rear support wall for the roof has been installed on the Log House.
  • The roof has been put on.
  • Loft above the kitchen closed in as storage, with future access by a pull-down ladder.
  • Much of soot stains removed by using dry ice to blast it off.
  • Subflooring in bathrooms and back half installed.
  • Framing for interior walls to outline the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom and office.       
  • Drain systems have been installed under ground near the Prayer House and turnaround.

This week at the Prayer House

For the Prayer House location, I met with the architect, and reviewed the plans for grading, erosion control, and the plans to install the retaining wall and the rock work in front of the Prayer House.

All the grading, erosion control and utility work contracts are now signed.

The very next day,  more earth-moving machines rolled in at the Community of the Cross to put in the French drains to “dewater” the Prayer House site.

Earth moving Equipment comes to the Community of the Cross for work on the French Drain.
The beginning of the French drain work at the Prayer House

As soon as the site of the Prayer House dries out enough (thanks to the French drain), foundation work can begin.

This should happen in the next couple of weeks. It is thrilling to think of the foundations going in and the actual build beginning!

Some of the Drainage system on for the Community of the Cross

This week at the Log House

I also met with Ward Griffin (Contractor) and Patrick Conner (Project Manager) for both the Prayer House and Log House.

We walked with the Log House site and discussed their progress as well as some of the challenges they are encountering.

Rev. Cindy Strickler (Left) talks with Patrick (Center) and Ward (Right)

The contracts have been signed for the Log House work and we are moving forward!  This is so exciting.

Measuring work behind the log house
Measuring work behind the log house.
We carved into the hillside to expand the meeting room.

I also had a chance to work with the PRMI office team to discuss things like lighting, flooring, walls and the plans for the kitchen.

Help us with the Log House

The cost of the Log House fire renovation is estimated at about $120,000 over what insurance will cover.

We are praying that this additional money comes in before August 15th, the estimated completion date for all this work.

It is so exciting to see this project coming together.

What is planned will be so much better than what we had – more useful and usable space.

Donate to the construction of the Community of the Cross.
Give a gift to rebuild the Log House
or Advance the Prayer House

Please join in prayer:

  1. That things stay dry out there! We have had a lot of rain that has interrupted work at both sites.
  2. For wisdom with all the decisions that need to be made
  3. For good team work – between contractor, sub contractors and the PRMI team
  4. For the funds still needed for both projects:
  5. $122,000 for the Log House and $500,000 for the Prayer House.
  6. For safety of the workers

Photo Album of work from Feb 7 to March 7

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