You are invited to help us complete the journey and finish the construction of the PRMI Prayer House. This way we will receive a Certificate of Occupancy and start using the facility!

Over the past few months, individuals and small groups have walked through and prayed in the building. Every time we take a group through, they are blessed and filled with excitement about the vision for the PRMI Prayer House and seeing it completed.

What do people experience at the PRMI Prayer House?

Recently a sister who has been a part of the ministry for many years was praying in the chapel area and had the following experience:  

“The building of the PRMI Prayer House is really a very personal place for me. I “feel” holiness there, experiencing a “house of prayer” that is truly set apart for Kingdom purposes and under His anointing is an incredible gift.


When we sang last time inside the PRMI Prayer House, I remember closing my eyes and for a few moments. I felt I was in heaven.


I had a very distinct impression that Jesus was actually standing near me. 


I instinctually pulled the Dunamis prayer shawl I was holding, up over my head.

When it was my turn to be anointed, I dropped to my knees and instinctually placed two fingers to my lips.

I wanted to speak but no words could come out. My face and head felt very hot, just then something like a wind blew and pushed me over. I just lay still and wept quietly for joy. 


I later reflected on this powerful encounter and decided that Jesus did in fact visit this prayer room and stood among us!! Amazing!


Yes, Jesus came to the prayer room that day and was with me. I will never be quite the same after encountering Jesus Himself.


And so that is one reason why the PRMI Prayer House is very personal to me. 


It is for me a place where Jesus visited and stood close, and His Holy presence felt tangible, there are no words to describe it.  Praise God! 


I am humbled to be part of what He is doing at Community of the Cross and through the ministry of PRMI.”

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Interior of the PRMI Prayer House, July 2022

This friend’s testimony reveals why we need to get the PRMI Prayer House finished!

The Community of the Cross is a place of Encounter with Jesus Christ set apart for Prayer, Equipping, and Sending. This has been happening since the land was purchased in the year 2003.

Now we are seeing an acceleration of this three-part process, people are being encountered by Jesus, receiving vision, direction, and healing.

They are being sent out to be more effective witnesses for Jesus Christ in their own local context.

The PRMI Prayer House is a strategic component for this encountering and empowering work to happen.

What is needed to complete the PRMI Prayer House?

We still lack about $300,000 to complete the work, obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and get the PRMI Prayer House fully operational.

About $200,000 of this money will cover the work outside the building that must be completed in order to get the CO. This includes road widening, installing utilities, a fire hydrant, as well as a critical drainage system to be installed on the driveway leading up to the PRMI Prayer House.

This work is needed for the building to be certified and functional. This work will help establish future development of the land at the Community of the Cross.

The other $100,000 is for the furnishings and equipment needed inside the PRMI Prayer House.

Can you be the one to help PRMI finish this journey?

We want to see the building in use this Fall. We have currently booked several events each month at the Community of the Cross and we need this space made fully available for operational use.

I know some of you have given in the past to supply for the PRMI Prayer House needs.

We invite you to pray about considering donating another gift at this time, to help us “complete the journey” to begin using the PRMI Prayer House.

We need gifts of every size to move us to our final goal.

Thank you so much for joining us in praying in the final funds needed – and being a part of the answer to those prayers!

Send checks to PRMI PO Box 429, Black Mountain, NC  28711

To give a stock or other than cash gift, call the office at 828 669 7373

Please be sure to designate your gift for the PRMI Prayer House.

Pictures as of July 2022:

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