“For everything there is a season…a time to break down and a time to build up.” (Ecc 3:1,3)

For the past 3 weeks we have seen the breaking down work at the Community of the Cross.

Demolition work at the Log House

The demolition work has happened at the Log House.

It was amazing to watch the workers take down the roof and walls, and remove all the rubble from the fire.

It is hard to capture this in a picture, but below are a several shots that show where we are and how we’ve come in the last few weeks/

Future Plan for the Log House

Once everything is removed, GRACE (our contractor) will begin the process of assessing the cost of construction.

Our architect, Brewster Ward, has provided us with a plan and we will know more in the next few weeks about cost and feasibility of the rebuild. Below is a picture of the remodeled Log House.

Log House Proposed Design November 2018 {Not Yet Finalized]

Current Target Dates for Log House Renovation

It should be completed by August 27, 2019 one year from the date of the fire.

We have all felt some grief as we watched the breaking down and hauling away of the back porch and back half of the Log House.

But we are excited about the building up and the new, more useful space that will come in the next 8 months.

Permitting delays progress for the Prayer House

Meanwhile, we are still in permitting and contract negotiations for the Prayer House site. Everything has taken longer than we expected.

Site preparation work was done by Darryl Gibbs back in November.  After he moved out the tree stumps and massive boulders, underground springs appeared. We are consulting with a geotech expert and working on a “de-watering” plan.

We hoped for a construction start of November, 1, 2018. Now it looks more like February, 2019.

There is still more work that needs to occur before the foundations can be poured.  These include:

  • putting in the septic system,
  • work on the site to deal with water issues from surprise springs and
  • grading and preparing the turnaround areas.

GRACE hopes to complete construction within 9 months.  This means the Prayer House probably will not be ready until this time next year.

Praying for Permissions and Provision

Please join us in praying for the following:

  • Pray for PRMI and the office Staff as we work with the contractors to restore the Log House.
  • Pray for additional provision as the project budget keeps expanding with surprises.  The budget for the Prayer House keeps increasing.
  • Guide us all in this building project that is not just of a building but the work of prayer and ministry for advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ for the glory of God the Father.
  • Pray for the permissions still needed to secure permits in all the different phases that will be needed. Pray for those in authority, that our plans would find favor and that no plans would be opposed or delayed.

We come to you with the gift of faith from Jesus, that God the Father is not only overcoming these obstacles but is going to demonstrate His grace, provision and miraculous work of advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Join us in being a part of this miracle of not just restoration but of building for an even greater future role in advancing the Kingdom of God. Take your part in making the Community of the Cross once again that place of equipping and sending to advance the Kingdom of God.

Mark your giving for the Prayer House or for the Log House or allow it for the general fund.

Donate to the construction of the Community of the Cross.
Give a gift to rebuild the Log House
or Advance the Prayer House

Join the Prayer Cohort?

If you want to be part of the specialized prayer cohort regarding the construction at the Community of the Cross, please be in touch with Martin Boardman.  Email him at martinb@prmi.org

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