In last month’s update, it was water, water everywhere.

But work at the Community of the Cross is rapidly moving along now that the rain has paused and a French drain has dried out the site at the Log House.

Progress is happening every day at all three work sites: the Log House, the Prayer House and the City of Asheville Water Pipe Project (tagged as #PMRIGates in social media).

Log House – #PRMILogHouse

We saw the retaining walls go up to start giving shape to the new room that will replace the back porch.   

Rear Wall of the Log House / Retaining Wall

A French drain was installed under the concrete footers. 

Gravel was laid in the ditch that had been lined with fabric.  A fabric covered pipe was installed, buried in gravel and then the fabric wrapped around it all like a giant burrito.

French Drain before it's wrapped.
French Drain before it’s wrapped.

Forms then were installed and filled with concrete – giving us what is now the back wall of the Log House, doubling as a retaining wall. 

The loss of windows means that natural lighting will come from skylights in the new roof line, plus one end will be all glass with doors and windows.

Inside the main building workers have been out putting in electrical and the ducts for the heating and air systems.

Main Hall in the Log House
Main Hall in the Log House

Brad’s Video Update Log House Project

Prayers for the Log House Project

We ask for your prayers:

  1. For all the decisions that need to be made every week as we move forward
  2. For coordination of the work (Justin is the supervisor on site, Patrick is the Project Manager) and for the safety of all the workers
  3. For the additional $125,000-150,000 above the insurance payout that is needed for this work.  Most of you got a letter in the mail and email about this need.  Pray for a generous response.

The Prayer House – #PRMIPrayerHouse

A huge boulder retaining wall is going in right now.  This wall will enhance the beauty of this area as well as serve the practical purpose of holding the mountainside in place.

Retaining Wall near the PRayer House
Retaining Wall near the Prayer House

There is still much more work to happen at this turnaround area to make it meet some of the buildling code requirements. 

Then the General Contractor can start work putting in the foundations for the Prayer House.

Brad’s Video Update Prayer House Project

Prayers for the Prayer House Project

We need prayer for

  1. Coordination of the work – this is a huge project involving many subcontractors who each have their own teams and schedules.
  2. Pray for John Yurko, our architect, who is coordinating all the site preparation subcontractors
  3. Pray for no more delays! And for good weather to get the site work done and the foundations put in
  4. The $500,000 more needed to complete the project.  We need an outpouring of provision to complete this project on time!

The City of Asheville Water Pipe Project  #PRMIGates

For those who have visited the Community of the Cross, you will hardly recognize the entrance.

PRMI Front Gate
PRMI Front Gates during construction.

The City of Asheville is putting in a water pipe across our river front and connecting with the main City water line which runs outside our gates, next to the bridge.

This is a HUGE project and the equipment involved is amazing.

Brad’s Video Update Water Line Project

Prayers for the Water Line Project

Pray for:

  1. Coordination for all the work and the flow of work at the office as well as the other building projects
  2. Timely completion of the project, especially the part at our entrance where there is the most disruption.
  3. Plans for restoration of the riverfront area. We are meeting to discuss the future of the waterfront area and what could go in this newly opened up area. Pray for wisdom – that we would hear clearly from the Lord.

Goals to focus your praying:

Target completion dates for projects (pray these are met!) 

  • June 1, 2019 for the water pipe work at the entrance of the Community of the Cross.  (Work will continue until early 2020 along the river)
  • August 15, 2019 for the Log House 
  • January 22, 2020 for the Dedication of the Prayer House
  • February/March for the Completion of the Prayer House 
  • Provision of remaining funds necessary to meet these goals.

And please pray for the financial resources needed for the Log House and the Prayer House!  Thank you so much for your prayers.

Pray for the Workers to be Blessed

Log House Photo Gallery

Prayer House Photo Gallery

PRMI Gates Photo Gallery

For those of us who work here at the Community of the Cross, the progress is amazing to watch. 

Though it is noisy with heavy trucks dropping things, bulldozers and backhoes moving stuff around, cement trucks pouring their product, and workers banging on everything with jack hammers, drills and sledgehammers, we can see progress.

Though we work through water shut-offs, power outages, and occasionally high decibel levels, we are so grateful for how the workers cooperate with us, and so grateful as these projects move to deadlines.

We hope that our photos, videos, weekly social media updates are all keeping you excited as well, even if you haven’t been to the Community of the Cross.

We are looking forward to that day when the renovated and expanded Log House will be a place of ministry, when the Prayer House will support the Hub of Intercession, and our Gates will be