Praise God that at the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) General Synod in June 2009 the Third Wave report was received with deep appreciation and openness, with the advisory committee presenting recommendations that were a friendly amendment to the majority report and of which all but one (on prophecy, interestingly) were also agreeable to the minority report writer.

Both of the reports, along with the adopted recommendations, will be referred to the churches for further study and reflection.

Tap to download the Christian Reformed Church Third Wave Report

Tap to download the Christian Reformed Church Third Wave Minority Report

The observations on that minority report are also worthwhile.

Interestingly, affirmations of prayer as dialogue, of physical and emotional healing and of deliverance ministry passed unanimously with no discussion and even with an interesting affirmation from the chair.

This was so different from 2007, when it didn’t make it to the floor, and very different from 2004  ago when synod discussed the overture to establish a study committee.

I thank God for working this out in His way and His timing, as these past 5 years have been a time of the church in a way marinating in this material and the Holy Spirit softening hearts, opening minds, and preparing the church.

May God continue to bring much fruit out of this time. Thanks all for your prayer and support along the way!

Ray is a CRC Pastor and a member of the leadership team of Dunamis Fellowship Canada.


A note from Brad Long –

On a personal note: I am deeply honored to have had PRMI’s teaching materials and books that I have had a part in writing quoted a number of times in the majority report. I was often quoted in the minority report as well. I so appreciate the way that the questions were raised and all issues addressed in both the majority and minority reports. They were submitted to the plum line of scripture and our Reformed Theology and practice.

The dangers noted in the minority report of various aspects of this movement of the Holy Spirit especially in inner healing and the gift of prophecy, are very real. They are a concern of mine as well! So while rejoicing in the majority report we all who are part of this movement ignore the minority report at our peril.

Thank you so much for both of these carefully written biblically based reports!!! They will help not just the CRC but the worldwide movement of the Holy Spirit – especially within our Reformed family – to stay vital into the future by keeping this movement grounded in Scripture.

Zeb Bradford Long

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