It is with great joy that I announce that Chris Walker has been called and commissioned as PRMI’s Ministry Development Director while continuing in his role on the Spanish Dunamis work.

This was affirmed by the PRMI Board of Directors at their winter Board meeting in January 2020 and announced at the 2020 Dunamis Fellowship International meeting.

In this role, Chris will

  • Champion the expansion of the Dunamis Project in the US and Latin America.
  • Expand the visual professionalism, marketing, and branding of PRMI.
  • Expand the resource content and functionality of the PRMI website.
  • Expand the usefulness of our email letter, Moving with the Spirit.
  • Grow Sustaining the Flame and oversee donor care.

Chris embodied the role already.

In PRMI, we recognize and expand roles as people embody them first.

In many ways, Chris has already been functioning as our Ministry Development Director.

For the past couple of years, he has been working with our Dunamis Track Directors and Leaders to build more Dunamis Projects and leadership teams.

If you haven’t read the “Six Pinnacles of PRMI culture”, check them out.

Cover of the 6 Pinnacle Phrases of PRMI, little booklet.
Cover of PRMI’s 6 Pinnacle Phrases Booklet

This document has been useful in articulating what Dunamis is about and giving us a common language to talk about what we are trying to accomplish.

Chris has also been working on developing promotional materials for PRMI

He has done an outstanding job with branding and professionalism. He has given our Dunamis Project Track Directors better materials to use to promote their tracks and include more volunteers.

Chris has been the primary author of materials for Moving with the Spirit Online and all the brochures we produce.  

He will continue to direct this work but will be assisted by Emily Bennett, our new Communications Coordinator.

Emily joined us in January of 2020 and was presented to the Dunamis Fellowship.  

Emily Bennett presented to the Dunamis Fellowship International, January 2020
Emily Bennett presented to the Dunamis Fellowship International, January 2020

Chris has started to bring skills in casting the vision of PRMI, inspiring generosity, and helping ministry volunteers and leaders do the same at events. He has crafted most of our vision casting and print mail pieces over the past couple of years to help invite people to give to PRMI.

In 2019, he also worked diligently on increasing participation in our Sustaining the Flame program and has grown that from 135 participants to 180 households throughout 2019. 

Banner for Sustaining the Flame the monthly giving program of PRMI

It is the area of vision casting and fundraising where Chris will be spending more of his time.

He is now authorized to work on donor care, which we have not been able to provide adequately for many years. Do not be surprised if you get an email, letter or phone call from Chris in the future.

Please join me in welcoming Chris to this new role.

I ask that you uphold him in your prayers. He has a big and important job to do. I am so grateful that he has said yes to this call and look forward to seeing how he can grow the ministry in this next year.

Rev. Earl Rutledge and other members of the Dunamis Fellowship pray for Chris
Rev. Earl Rutledge and other members of the Dunamis Fellowship pray for Chris

If you are not part of Sustaining the Flame, our monthly automated giving program to support the work of PRMI, pray about it and when so directed by the Lord, join Sustaining the Flame online here. 

If you want to increase what you currently give through Sustaining the Flame, please contact Chris directly on how to do that.  There are different ways to do that depending on how you first joined Sustaining the Flame.

Watch Chris’ Explanation to the Dunamis Fellowship International

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