We are in the in-between time of Christmas and the New Year – a time of looking back and looking forward.

This has been an amazing year of participation in God’s Kingdom work. See a short 14:45 min video reviewing what God has done and giving thanks!

This year’s ministry has included:

  • Establishing the structure of the Dunamis Institute – developing a design which provides stability for the future without losing openness to the winds of the Holy Spirit; calling faculty and developing a website.
  • Expansion of our use of cyberspace – providing speed and convenience in communicating with those already involved in PRMI while expanding our reach to new people through online courses and webpage communication.
  • Sustaining Ignite, Upward Challenge, the Dunamis Video Course, The Dunamis Project and prayer networks which continue to be a major blessing.
  • Transporting the Growing the Church event to the UK and Upward Challenge to Alaska.
  • Piloting a mentoring system as an extension of the Growing the Church event.
  • Starting of the Intercessors in Residence program.

What is not named here and what is difficult to quantify are the blessings that people have received as they have been touched by God through the PRMI ministry expressions and by those who have been touched by those touched by these ministries. So what do those programs mean in human terms?

One story gives a glimpse of what God is doing through PRMI: In 2009-2010 we offered a special Dunamis Project track which allowed attendees to complete the whole Dunamis Project in one year. Korea – One of the pastors who attended began a monthly Dunamis prayer meeting including pastors from 7 other churches of his denomination in his area. He also ran two rounds of weekly Gateways teaching for members of the church with more planned. As of May, 100 members of his congregation had participated. Most received the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the first time.

But this is only one story. Many others have also been impacted.

  • A pastor coming into a Growing the Church event discouraged to the point of leaving his denomination and even the pastorate, but leaving the event refreshed, encouraged, healed and equipped to return to ministry empowered by, and cooperating with, the Holy Spirit.
  • 4000 people being equipped and sent out to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit through the Dunamis Project.
  • College students being equipped in their classes to do ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Given all this blessing we need to be very thankful!!

And we need to thank God for his financial provision. We have had about $100,000 more gifts come in 2011 than in 2010! Some of this is restricted but none the less this is good news. A year of heavy investment in the future has depleted these funds. But it is truly significant that we have received an increase in gifts, and also there has been a small but significant increase in those who are giving on a regular basis. In financial hard times such as these, that people give at all is a miracle and an indication that they are being blessed by PRMI and also that they share our vision providing this equipping on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit for the Church.

We want to acknowledge and give thanks to all those who helped make this possible: the PRMI Board, PRMI Leadership team and support people, the VIT’s and DI International Advisory board, the DFI and its regional expressions and all of you who have given time, talents and funds to carry out this work.

Looking ahead to 2012, we believe we have a received a word from the Lord: “Nurture what I have planted”. We look forward to working with the “Master Gardener” in the coming year!

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