We were rather overwhelmed looking at the New Year, with its vast opportunities for advancing the Kingdom of God as well as great potential for danger and calamities.

This feeling of foreboding mixed with the excitement of being a part of God’s great redemptive plans sent us to our knees in prayer.

From an intercessor in England came the strong word that we were to call the whole ministry to prayer.

While I was away with my family going through the loss of my Mom, Cindy Strickler got out the following notice to the members of the Dunamis Fellowship. It is so important that I want to include you in on this.


Dear Board and Members of the Dunamis Fellowship International (and to all called to join in this work of Advancing the work of Jesus Christ):

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying for us this past year. It has not been easy – but the Lord has provided for our needs.

We praise God for His provision and thank you for praying for resources (human and financial) to be released.

As we enter this new year, we would like to invite you to join us in focused prayer before the PRMI Board meeting (Jan 16-19) and the Dunamis Fellowship International Meeting (Jan. 20-24).

Specifically, we are asking that we join in praying for 24 hours – beginning Thursday, Jan. 14th and noon EST and going until noon on Friday, Jan. 15.

We have major decisions to be made and both the Board and Fellowship meetings and we need prayer for clear discernment in these decisions. They are strategic for the ministry and we believe the future of PRMI.

We would ask that you pray as you are led and at the time you are led. Some of you may be called to fast for this time.

We are not going to try to assign hours of the day to specific time zones, we will trust that the Lord will guide you and the 24 hours will be covered. Will you join us? If the Lord gives you specific guidance during this time of focused prayer, please relay that to the PRMI office (prmi@prmi.org).

Specific focus for prayer during this time:

1. For the work of the PRMI Board and the DFI at their upcoming meetings

2. For clear guidance about Future directions for PRMI, in specific:

* Prayer for the 10 year discernment process which will be launched

* Prayer about growing in our use of the cyberspace as a place to do ministry

* Prayer about staffing needs in 2010 – and for the current PRMI staff

* For the resources needed to cover the 2010 budget to be released

* For holiness and unity in the ministry – in all the programs and expressions of PRMI around the world

Thank you so much for joining us in this strategic work of prayer!

God bless you ,

Cindy Strickler
Director, Dunamis Fellowship International

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