This is the summer (2017) where you can make a huge difference in the life of the youth and young adults who come to the Community of the Cross to have an encounter with Jesus Christ where they will learn about how to walk in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Our two camps are causing capacity to bust at the seams –

  • With the Wind NC will be the largest ever – for the first time, they have to pay for off site housing for young adults coming in from out of town.
  • Upward Challenge NC filled up two weeks early and will be one of the largest camps in a long time. It’s maxed out.

We need your help.

During these events we see growing disciples and new disciples and empowerment by his Holy Spirit.

Each summer, we pray for life changing impact and for the volunteers who serve these programs.

Walker Kids Being Baptized

These missionary kids owned their faith at Upward Challenge.

Volunteers give their time and energy because they believe in helping the next generation grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

They’ve been planning and praying for months for the impact they are about to make.

The time is almost here.  With the Wind starts next week, followed immediately by Upward Challenge

But we need your help.

PRMI is a faith based ministry.

We rely on offerings to cover operational expenses and to advance the mission of equipping people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

Events at the Community of the Cross have no registration fee and rely completely on the generous support of donors and people who love the mission of equipping believers in the the power of the Holy Spirit.

With the Wind registrants have to pay for offsite housing since there is not enough room at the Community of the Cross

Would you pray about a $30 gift to support one young person for one day at our events?

Or a generous gift of $150 to help support one young person for the entire event?

You can give that gift online by clicking the donate button below.

Your gift will help create the context where these students, young men and women, can encounter Jesus Christ.

Your donation will support the general fund which underwrites With the Wind and Upward Challenge and supplement the offerings that will be received at these events.

Thank you for investing in PRMI and growing young leaders!

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