On January 25, 2020, over a hundred members of the Dunamis Fellowship International dedicated and gave thanks for the renovated Log House building and, in faith, to dedicate the half-finished Prayer House

Between Vision and Fulfillment

There is usually a gap between the vision and its fulfillment. It may be impossible and usually is, but with vision we are set upon a journey.

We’ve been longing and waiting for years for the time when God would release the funds and pave the way for the building to get going.  We’ve received lots of sacrificial financial gifts, years of site planning, drawings and infrastructure planning related to the prayer house.

On this wonderful January day, we gathered in faith to both

  • dedicate the half-finished Prayer House, and
  • pray in faith for the vision to be fulfilled.
Crowd at the Prayer House Dedication Building

Verses on the Floor

As an act of faith, several people wrote prayerful Scriptures on the floor in permanent marker. These written prayers will remain under the flooring material when it’s installed.

The Re-Dedication Building of the PRMI Log House

After brief refreshments and warming up, the group gathered at the base of the stairs at the PRMI Log House to hear some of the story about what happened over the last year.

Log house building

Photos from the Prayer House Dedication

Click on any of the images to see larger sizes, swipe or use arrow keys to flip through the album and see moments from the PRMI Prayer House building dedication.

Photos of Scriptures

Photos from the Log House Re-Dedication

Clip – Ministry Envisioned

Dedication of the Prayer House Building- The Complete Service

Re-Dedication of the Log House Building- Complete Service

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