Brian Harley

I’m a minister serving in the main Reformed denomination in England – the United Reformed Church. I’ve been thrilled to be involved with PRMI since participating in the first Dunamis Project in the United Kingdom which launched in the year 2000. At the first track, I received confirmation of a call to become the chair of GEAR – the Group for Evangelism And Renewal within the URC. Over the years, I’ve helped see the work of Dunamis established in the UK and enjoyed many links with PRMI. Having decided to lay down that responsibility after 20 years, God has now led me to serve on the Board, which feels like giving something back after receiving so many blessings from this exciting partnership. I also serve on the Council of the Evangelical Alliance.

I came to faith in my teens and was soon encountering the charismatic renewal that was bubbling up in the mid-70s. I worked in the City of London in the insurance industry for 13 years before being called into ministry. Janet and I moved to Cambridge with our young family for my training and then we arrived on the Isle of Wight, just off the South Coast of England, to begin my first ministry. After nearly 30 years, we are still here!

It has been a joy serving the Lord alongside a great bunch of people in this lovely tourist location and helping with wider Kingdom work here and far beyond. We have been involved in fostering over the last 20 years which has in many ways kept us where we are and has also put us in touch with many more people and needs across the Island community. Details as at June 2022

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