“The teaching on demonic strongholds and the power of the tongue to speak curses, convicted me afresh that this is still a significant issue in my life!!”  K.H.

Prior to the Dunamis Fellowship Britain and Ireland Annual Fellowship Gathering 2018, and despite the wintery conditions, over 30 people met for a mini seminar on ‘Breaking Strongholds in Communities’ presented by Martin Boardman (Prayer Mobilizer for Dunamis Fellowship Canada), and Pauline Eyles (PRMI Board Member from the UK). 

The seminar concentrated on breaking strongholds in communities such as churches, family units and organizations.  Martin and Pauline presented a complex and challenging subject in an easily digestible and accessible format. Their approach was relaxed and interactive; and despite the weighty content at times, everyone received the teaching enthusiastically. 

So, what is a spiritual stronghold?

Martin explained that in Biblical terms the phrase is generally used as a good thing –  2 Samuel 22:2-3, and Psalm 27:1. But as Satan twists the good things, in spiritual warfare a stronghold is an area in our life or community where Satan has built a seemingly impenetrable ‘structure’ of lies and rebellion acting as a barrier to the advancement of God and His Kingdom – 2 Cor 10:4-5.

How is a stronghold formed?

The teaching highlighted how a stronghold was formed. A key component of this are  the lies and deception which are set up in a very similar way to how the Lord uses Kairos moments. 

The Lord invites his children to cooperate through speaking out or acting as his Spirit is moving in a situation.   Satan mimics and twists this process and entraps people with lies.  As part of this we were reminded of the importance and power of every word that comes out of our mouths and the mouths of others (Prov. 18:21).

Pauline used the analogy of the inner healing and deliverance process in the Dunamis teaching to illustrate how the stronghold is formed and how it can be dismantled. 

There are similarities to the teaching on the forming of a ‘vortex’ memory in Dunamis Project 4 to this teaching on strongholds and how they can be dismantled as in prayer ministry. For example, renouncing lies, exposing Satan’s plans, exposing specific demonic influence, and breaking curses.

A Helpful ‘Map’ of a Stronghold

Martin talked us through a conceptual map of a stronghold identifying its various aspects and make up.  By doing this, it was then possible to see what was needed to address the stronghold.  He then went on to give us a ‘tool box’ of various approaches to assist with its dismantling.  He also emphasised the need to use the right tools at the right time – and the need to know where and when not to engage.

Re-enforcing the message with Case Studies and Lab Time

Martin and Pauline then applied this teaching to four specific situations from case studies to illustrate its use.

These case studies ‘brought the teaching into the real world’, and there were ‘light bulb’ moments for many of the participants.

We were then invited during the ‘Lab Time’ to explore and apply the use of the teaching in our own personal situations.

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